Hi there!

I'm Charlie. Head honcho at Farlie Photography. In fact I'm the only honcho. I'm simultaneously the most and least senior person there. Essentially Farlie Photography is my third baby. With a varied work history in the creative arts I came in to photography when my first baby, my daughter Euna, came along. Fortunate enough to be able leave work and concentrate on being a Mum, I upgraded my camera and started a blog to keep my creative juices flowing.

A college course, a second baby, lots of willing model friends, enough YouTube Photoshop tutorials to entitle to me to some kind of internet doctorate I'm sure and a Facebook page later I found myself with a business and a client base.

Every business needs a website and every website needs a blog. So here we are... Though I'm thinking I want this to be a blog with a difference. I want to keep an open door policy on my creative process. Give some space here to trying new things, post some bad photos, ask opinions. When I work I watch couples say their vows, listen to birth stories, rub pregnant tummies and play peekaboo with lively toddlers... That's pretty personal stuff, therefore it seems only right that I throw in a bunch of my personal photography and even some words too.

So here I am photographer, new business owner, mother of two, dancing and crafting Essex girl, Charlie. This is my blog.

Thanks for reading!


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