Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Baking Babies... Maternity Lifestyle in Colchester, Essex

Taking a little look back at my list of New Year's Resolutions... So competition = Check! Monthly creative tasks... Erm... Well to be perfectly honest it hasn't been that formulaic but I am definitely really committed to being creative at the moment. I feel like i have a real vision of what I like and the images I want in my portfolio, so basically I've just got to set them up! 

And this is my latest creative loot. I invested in some Sue Bryce training via Creative Live (that website is going to bankrupt me). Sue Bryce being the go-to lady for boudoir photography that women actually want taken and to see. The training being maternity posing. So this is the perfect blend for creating tools to create images that will make women feel the same beauty on the outside that we all know is going on inside. 

Mixed in my own brand of white-obsession, imported lace that was quite literally stolen from my Mum's shop, a new peachy editing mash-up (that I can't stop using on everything now) and lots and lots of natural light. Ta-da! 

I don't mind admitting this batch made me pretty proud... :D :D :D See here for more info my maternity sessions! 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Lifestyle Family Shoots Now Available All Over Essex!

The more I get in to photography the more things I factor in to making pictures I'm proud of. The list of criteria just keeps getting longer. I suppose that's the problem with anything creative... You never really get to where you want to go, because just as you get there you want to say more, do more, mean more...

When I first switched my camera from Auto to Manual it just became about getting an correctly exposed image. Then it was about focus and depth of field. The came white balance. Then came posing. Then came Photoshop. Then came backlight. Then came studio set ups... The list goes on and on and in-between each one of these is a million other things I can't think to mention right now.

Now my focus is connection. I'm in a place where I can take a good photo of whatever's infront of me but if there isn't something great happening infront of me, then I can't take a great picture right? So I need to set up great things. And great things to a family photographer are all about to connection. You have a pretty backdrop, a beautiful prop, willing models and incredible light. But if unless some kind of dialogue is happening then the picture will just miss that life it needs. That life is connection. Connection to the camera, connection to each other, connection to me and connection to environment.  And where can that connection happen better than anywhere else...? At home. 

Because home is our base for connection. Home is where we make our memories. Home is where we learn to live with and around our family. Home is where we come back to when everything else is going fantastically or horribly or too fast or too slow. So of course home is where the best moments happen for capture. Those looks, those jokes, those smiles... They so so rarely happen elsewhere. 

So here I go! Taking my shoots along with new lights, new posing training and a ton of ideas in to the places where families connect the best... Home. Looking for connection and hoping to report back asap with examples!

If you would like information on family shoots in and around Essex see my website!

And here's a little at home connection from way back when my littlest was really little... :) 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Maria's in Mersea!

I spend most Wednesdays with my Mum. It’s a good day. Neither of us are competing with other people for each other, as we’re both always free on a Wednesday. Sometimes she does me childcare favours whilst I run errands or go to shoots. Sometimes we go out. We shop a lot. But last Wednesday we went out because my friend told me about a place in East Mersea (Maria’s Vintage Tea Rooms) that I’d love… And I did! 

Tea-cups, reassuringly random decor, the quiche of my life and homemade cakes that I devastated to have no room for! Plus it’s on Mersea which always feels like a mini holiday… Especially if you hit the beach for a shell collecting stroll… :)

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Walking to Preschool

This week has ticked on. Same old same old. But how much lovelier is everything with spring creeping in? We start to remember we have gardens or local parks... Fresh air, fresh ideas for getting out, sunlight and lighter clothes.

So here's our regular walk to preschool in new springy light... 

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Poppy & Annabelle

Here's a first batch of a few favourites I'm going to share from a recent day of mini-sessions I held at a soft play centre. Truly lovely to work with so many older children and especially ones so excited to be in front of the camera like big sister Poppy here! 

Really looking forward to expanding my big kid wardrobes for next time too... Shopping!! :D

If you're interested in child studio portraits in Essex see my website

Friday, 6 March 2015


March on March! It's birthday season for the pink one in this household and flowers are springing for Spring! COLOUR! Hooray! 

This little few images and far too much time spent crushing on this wonderful lady's work has me thinking about testing out my skills on some product photography... Got some kind of funky Etsy shop you want to market a little better? Get in touch! 

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Baby Lotta - Colchester Newborn Session

 Hello Lotta! 

You're 2 weeks old and making being brand new to life look so easy. 

Easy, breezy, darling little girl... Welcome! <3 xxx

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