Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Reasons It's Brilliant Taking Photographs in the Autumn... #5

I'm rounding up this Autumn mini-series with one final instalment today! Here's a little run down of the best reasons I can think of why taking photos in the Autumn is the best...

And so #5 is Autumnal sunsets! 

Sunsets are any photographers bread and butter be it for landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes or portraiture... Dusk is just a much more interesting time to take pictures. Why better in the Autumn? They're pinker, yellower and bluer. Like the leaves and the gnarly jumpers, the sunsets get a turbo charge of colour in the Autumn. Added bonus is that they happen at a time of day that's really easy to get out and shoot them! For someone with two small children and so is on lock down most nights from 7:00pm, the fact that these little samples were taken between 4:10 and 4:25pm is pretty handy...

And to prove the power of the Autumn colour turbo charge these ones are straight off the camera!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Reasons It's Brilliant Taking Photographs in the Autumn... #4

I know I know... I'm still writing about Autumn and clearly winter has crept up on us! But bear with me a couple more days as there's still more! 

Little run down of this mini series so far...

And now #4 Halloween & Guy Fawkes!

So I grouped them together because the reasons I love them apply to both... I love both these events because in the UK we approach them the way every holiday should be approached but rarely is... We expect very little and so enjoy the crap out of it. Buy a supermarket costume for pennies the day after Halloween and run around the drive in it because everyone was too poorly to go out on actual Halloween? Brilliant! Never has a £3 spider been so excited! Home spun garden fireworks display for a certain wee guy's first birthday that lasted all of 8 minutes? AMAZING! I don't think I've ever loved watching fireworks more than these in the eyes of my babies! 

I love both these holidays and I love to photograph them. I love Halloween pictures because I don't think my 2 year old has ever animated herself in front of the camera so much as in that £3 spider costume. I love the homemade fun clues in Halloween pictures. My Facebook feed is covered in pictures of school shoes covered in masking tape, smudged eye-liner whiskers and bin bag capes. Like Euna's pink socks and the antennas that will never ever EVER stand up the same time as each other! It's honest. It's charming. It's a nice alternative to coordinated vest, hat and blanket combos that wonder in for newborn shoots... 

And Guy Fawkes? Tell a photographer who doesn't like FIREWORKS?! Orange glow, neon bokeh, shadowed faces with saucer eyes turned to bonfires, sparklers, smoke, furry noise, high contrast, knitteds... How could you not want a feast of photos on all that?!

So here's our Halloween & Guy Fawkes circa 2014... I can safely say I was enjoying far to much to really frame a single shot or take more than a millisecond glance at the light meter... 

And because as of last year we made early November birthday season...

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Reasons It's Brilliant Taking Photos in the Autumn... #3

So far in this series we have had:

 #3 to this series is... Backlight! 

What is backlight? It's exactly as it sounds... It's light from behind the subject. 

What's so good about it? It creates this yummy halo around the subject that just makes them glow. It brings a natural yet whimsical ambiance to a pictures like direct light never could. A favourite blogger of mine (Kelle Hampton) notated one of her pictures where the sun was making one of those gorgeous golden halos around her son with "It's for catching fairies" and it totally could be! If I told my two year old sun-filled, glowy was for catching fairies she would totally buy that! 

Specific to Autumn? Not especially because all you really need is the sun low enough to be behind the subject but! there are far more opportunities for that in the Autumn. That's because the sun is lower in the sky all day and sun rises and sunsets are at far more social times of day (especially if you have two young babies due in bed at 7pm and they already give you enough reasons to be up at ungodly hours) so scrummy low sun backlight is far easier to catch.

So here's a few personal backlit pictures and some from a family shoot last week!

This one's from a couple of months back, but demonstrates you don't have to be outside for backlight, also a good example of sunbursts and lens flares... Infact this pic, with Euna in her pyjamas and bed-hair, just hanging out in our reasonably untidy lounge amidst morning preschool run carnage, shows that photography is always about light first, location second. :)

And here are the fabulous Gillibrands! I shamed myself by standing AND kneeling in dog poo... But this sun was totally worth it... The backlight is much more subtle here but you can appreciate how even the thinest little outline of light highlights the subjects and makes them pop out of their surroundings, particularly nice in black and white...

Monday, 17 November 2014

Reasons It's Brilliant Taking Photos in the Autumn... #2

 Leaves! Of course! LEAVES!

Warmth! Texture! When you see them you hear them crunch! They're even the reason I got married in the Autumn! They lie on the floor wet and reflecting twinkly light back up! There's nothing not the love about photographing those golden, copper, red and brown lovely leaves! Whether they're in the trees, on the floor or both... They can be your back drop and your surface AND your props!

Leafy loveliness... Here's a few examples!

A couple from a family shoot a fortnight ago... Family Bangs... What a brilliant surname?!

And a couple of personal ones... And a little nod to mushroom season! 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Reasons It's Brilliant Taking Photographs in the Autumn... #1

I'm going to run a little series and it's all about why I keep banging on my Facebook page about Autumn being the best time of year for taking photographs. Whilst the assumption remains that summer must be best because the weather is more likely to be better (*cough cough*), the truth in my world of taking photographs is that Autumn (and Winter) is where it's at. I know I know I know there are a lot of reasons to believe otherwise; like the kids have only just gone back to school and everyone is still smarting from the wallet-ectomy that is buying school uniforms. Or because it's all eyes on the all consuming event that is Christmas and it's overwhelming enough to just think about everything that Christmas entails. Or because it's colder and will probably rain. I could go on. And I can answer all those. Photographs will never be an essential but they are never ever a regretted expense. With Christmas looming there's nothing lovelier than giving the Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles a lovely framed family photo. Plus nothing gets a smile from a small person like the prospect that Father Christmas is most likely watching them during the shoot ;). And the weather? Well... As I will explain... That's the best bit! 

So! Reasons it's brilliant taking photographs in the Autumn? 

#1 Sunbursts and lens flares. Did you know the sun is closer to the earth in the Autumn and Winter months? But the reason this doesn't make us any warmer is because of the angle it hits the earth. The angle it hits the earth, however, does make for much better use in photographs. Low suns can be squeezed in to portraits. When the suns high in the sky it's of very little use to a photograph but low? That's when we can use it to pretty up the most ordinary and uninspiring of photographs, like my kids on the swings, with sunbursts and lens flare!  

And here's a few examples...

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sitting Baby Session... Baby Etta-Mae...

It's my baby Bow-Bow's first birthday this weekend and I have so many personal pics I want to show you, but to stop me totally running the risk of spamming you with a ton of pics that may not being as interesting to anyone else as they are to me I hold them back and spend some time vetoing about another 3,000. In the meantime I wanted to share some of beautiful baby Etta-Mae. I really wanted to beef out the "sitting baby" part of my portfolio and an old work colleague and friend of mine was happy to oblige with her stunning 9 month old baby girl... Her hair! 

Such a fun age to photograph, their character, their easy smiles, big eyes, baby smooth skin, dimpled bottoms and little knuckle rolls. I am never going to get tired of photographing babies! Never ever! Especially now I don't have one of my own (*sob*)... But two toddlers! Eek! (We actually wrote in his card "be kind" haha!)

So here's baby Etta-Mae... Just how I think babies should be... Lots of white... Natural light...  
(For more information on baby shoots visit here on my website!)

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