Saturday, 20 August 2016

Walking Snowdon...

Disclaimer - This post contains NO images of babies or children. 

Whaaaaaaaaat?! I know right?! 

So we went away for the weekend! 2 nights! 2 whole sleepovers, elsewhere, without children. Stranger things have not happened, I am sure of it. 

Observations from out first real weekend away? Firstly, mornings are weird without kids. Quiet and weird and I really don't know how to start my day without being told how, when and with what coloured bowl to start my day. Secondly, Steve and I are now inherently busy people. We were pretty productive people before children I suppose but now we are obsessively, compulsively busy people. We can't sit still, we don't know how to and, despite having been tired for almost 5 years now, we don't want to. Also, biggest surprise... I didn't miss them. There's a version of me walking around in 2012 and 2013 who is so so in love with new motherhood and new babies and the whole baby bubble who would literally fall down in shock at 2016 me saying "I didn't miss them". I won't lie though. I didn't pine, I didn't worry, I had every trust this break meant all great things for everyone involved. 

Finally I learnt that I am no landscape photographer, but it was fun pretending for the day. :)

So here we are busy, childless, having such a hard time relaxing we climbed a mountain... 

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