Monday, 8 August 2016

Baby Leo - Newborn Portraiture in Essex & Suffolk

Watching these brand new tiny people, editing their pictures, looking and looking at their little snoozing faces I can only think about the potential that lies there. So quiet now. So content to just be there. Maybe they'll eat. Maybe they'll need s little wriggle. But essentially they're just contented be still, breathe and cosy in their own little world of dreams we'll never know about. 

What a sense of peace to find. That's why we lose hours looking at them. That's why our wonderful well meaning baby visitors stay 6 or 7 hours longer than they meant to. That's why the washing goes damp in the machine or tea goes cold. We just want to be near it. Enjoying it for them. Imagining it for ourselves. That peace. 

Because soon, all too soon, they'll wake up. Really wake up. Their eyes, ears and little minds will wonder about and then it'll all start. :)

Here's little Leo, a few short days old and powering up for when all his adventures will start... 

If you would like more information about my newborn photography, please see my website.


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