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Windows to Motherhood #4 Sarah

This is Sarah...

"I have a three year old son who is very bright and energetic, cheeky and very much a chatterbox. He’s on the go all the time, never sits still and keen to explore! (Mother like son!!) He is fascinated by nature and the world, in particular the sea and its creatures. Whales and sharks are a favourite and he gets very excited if he sees any on the television or in his books. Visiting the aquarium in Southend and the zoo at Colchester is great fun as he's so enthusiastic."

"I am an older mum. I always put career first and never thought I would get married or have children. I had so much to see and do and never felt ready. I then met my husband and 7 years later we married. In 2011 we discussed having children, the time felt right. We'd travelled together, had a home together, work was just work now and I think I was fed up of the rat race and long hours. I was scared of the change, but excited. I fell pregnant straight away, but sadly had an early miscarriage. We tried again and I fell pregnant a few months later, however the pregnancy journey for me was marred by the anxiety of a possible miscarriage again and poor care in my first 20 weeks from my GP. Even though I can't say I enjoyed much of the pregnancy and the birth was difficult, our son arrived strong and healthy and I took everything in my stride after that."

"I’m a mum, I'm a part time graphic designer and I’m a runner. I run my own business from home, but occasionally work in other studios. Before our son was born we converted the garage into my office/studio to make working from home easier. Working from home allows some juggling and means I can spend more time with our son."

"I find the whole juggling act quite tiring at times and I have also been very overwhelmed too. I am able to shut the door on work after I’ve picked our son up from nursery. Once he’s around I don’t work. I do my best to be quite strict about this. Doesn’t stop me feeling guilty about working, even though it’s only for a couple of days. Having said that I don’t work just for the money, it’s to keep my hand in for the future when he’s at school. (I have a small printing press I’m hoping to get up an running & be creative with, rather than a bit of a Mac Monkey)."

"I’m on the go all the time. I feel that we never stop. Having our son has made me a more patient, calmer person. I realise a lot more what is important in life and what isn’t now... I’d say I was an enthusiastic, supportive, loving mum. Until you have a child you don’t realise how much love you can have for that little person. I want to travel with our son and share lots of experiences with him. One thing I know is I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m so glad he’s in our lives. I find being a mother rewarding and frustrating at times."

"After I had our son, it (my body) didn’t phase me. I knew once I’d recovered from the c-section and had the all clear I would start running again to get my fitness and shape back. I knew it would take time and my goal was London Marathon 2014. I did it in under 4 hours, it was my toughest marathon yet, but it was a massive sense of achievement. I trained with and around our son, at times running with him in the buggy. By Mid 2015 I was almost back to my pre pregnancy fitness and was very happy about my body. I think exercise helps you both mentally and physically." 

"Sadly I don’t feel quite the same at the moment. Having suffered a missed miscarriage this March, I’m feeling quite blobby and I feel I’ve lost so much.  I felt duped by my body the day we went for the 12 week scan, only to be told there was no heart beat. My body had lead me to believe all was well and I had even started to show. I’ve dragged myself back out running again, it makes you feel better, clears the mind and you know you’re working your way back to fitness again. My body and I feel a bit in limbo land at the moment."

 "Having gone from never going to get married or have children, I’m now married, have one child and would love to give our son a sibling. I hope it’s not too late and we get another chance."

"I think motherhood sadly makes you even more aware of how cruel the world is. Having said that motherhood also makes you see the beauty in your surrounding area. I have explored so many new places locally, that I might never have done prior to having our son."

"Motherhood is one big rollercoaster of a ride! Good days, bad days, crazy days, sad days, scary days, funny days. It’s a non-stop, mixed up bag of surprises. Each day is like Forest Gump's quote 'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get'. One minute the bathroom has been flooded, dinner has been burnt, to the next minute your heart melts as he takes his first steps or says a new word. The best experience is his big cuddles and when he says 'I love you Mummy'."

"I had no expectations. I really didn’t know what to expect, I had nothing to compare motherhood to. Most of my friends had their children earlier and I’m from a small family so, I never experienced much time around babies and very young children. No one can really prepare you. You make your own way. It’s definitely life changing, but in a good way." 

"I was 38 when I had Noah, and all I know is I wouldn’t change a thing. I said I wouldn’t have another baby after Noah, maybe it was because the birth was tough and resulted in the c-section and I felt quite rough for weeks after. They’re right when they say time heals as last year something inside me changed and I realised I wanted Noah to have a sibling, so we decided to give it a try…I hope we can add to our little family and start another chapter. Having a child makes you realise that material things aren’t important, they are meaningless, it’s the experiences and memories that are of greater value."

Thank you Sarah xxx

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