Monday, 4 April 2016

She's 4!

My big girl is 4. 4 is big. I don't think 4 is a toddler anymore. I think 4 is a child, a little girl. I think 4 is well out of the starting gates in to parenthood. We're just around the corner from school runs and parents evenings, school plays, reading books and school holiday holidays. 

And what does she have to show for 4 years on this earth? Well, a wicked sense of humour, an affinity for anything crafty (especially if it involves glitter), a love for bugs (especially ladybirds), a reading and writing level well above her age, a pasta addiction, an incredible sense of balance that has her nicknamed "the goat" and an attitude you'd hope she wouldn't of developed for another 9 years or so. She's more than a bit excited for big school and it's helping all of us feel a little bit easier about the next stage we're being propelled in to.  

So here's how we saw her 4th year in... A family day on the big day followed by an extended family lunch at the weekend... :)

Happy Birthday Euna-Moo! xxx

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