Friday, 22 April 2016

Beating the Brain Crowd...

I think about being a mum a lot. A lot. Does anyone else do that? I think about it in relation to everything. I'm going out tonight... And I'm A MUM what does it mean that I'm A MUM and going out? I'm going to go out to work... And I'm A MUM, what does it mean that I'm A MUM and going to work? I'm sat here in my pyjamas at 11:00am... And I'm A MUM, what does it mean that I'm A MUM and I'm in my pjs at 11:00am? I'm going to work out... And I'm A MUM, what does it mean that I'm A MUM and I'm going to work out? 

My clothes, my grey hair, my friends, my social media addiction... All of it. Mostly it's a little wondering thought and sometimes is a full blown "WHAT DOES THIS MEEEAAANNNN?!" It's that extra layer that at the same time gives everything that bit more purpose and drives me more than anything to be and do better whilst making my head an altogether much more crowded place to be than it was 4 years ago. 

And that's fine because I think being a mum is basically all about learning the skill of living with a full head. But it only takes a couple of little things to tip the balance though right? This week the little things were a couple of disappointing work dilemmas and a round of sore throats and coughs for me and the littles. So even if my head's full it's all about finding some space that'll the fresh air through the brain crowd... Big deep breaths, no work worth doing is easy and coughs don't last forever. 

So here's us finding that fresh air... And how was your week? TFI Friday right?!

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Windows to Motherhood #2 Becky

This is Becky... 

"Amelie has only recently turned one, having been born unexpectedly early on 23rd Dec 2014. A button of determination, attitude, and extreme facial expressions, Amelie is my Mini B, my poppet, and my "please don't do that" to my everyday." 

"The moment I realised I wanted to have a baby, motherhood began... My mind, my body had become won over."

"...I work whilst she toddles around with her walker, or whilst she sleeps and I burn the midnight oil. 
Challenging, guilt ridden, and exhausting, being a work-from-home-stay-at-home mum has its great advantages and greater disadvantages."

"I am sure, certain in fact, I have made mistakes, but I am new to this, I have nothing to compare this to other than my friends that are mothers or my own mother. But I have to write these rules myself. So, no, there is nothing I would do-over, not yet, because how do I know I need to do-over...yet? Ask me again in five years time."

"Motherhood makes me feel conflicted about my body."

"My perception of the world changed with motherhood; everything is transitory, apart from your child. Friendships are priceless. Mothers are extraordinary. Life is too short; if you love, like or appreciate someone, tell them."

"Mother doesn't and can't possibly measure up to any expectations I had before having children. I had no idea how the perception of being a mother compared to actually being a mother."

Thank you Becky xxx

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Friday, 8 April 2016

Blooming Spring - Film Friday #4

Happy Spring, happy Easter, happy school holidays and happy going-outside-without-85-layers-on-so-it-just-makes-leaving-the-house-with-small-people-a-billion-times-easier-so-you-do-it-way-more time  of year! 

How's your April treating you? 

The second week of the Easter holidays has had us all struck down with a cold. So it's been Pixar marathons, crumpet lunches and comfy clothes for the most of it. Amongst the upsides are updates on the blog and a return of "Film Friday"... Enjoy! :D

Plum tree blossom in our garden on the EOS 3 35mm Kodak Portra 400...

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Baby Jamie - Newborn Portraiture in Essex & Suffolk

Fun fact? This is baby Jamie and he was born 9lb 10oz... Which is fundamentally the very best weight any baby can be born ever! Why? Because that's what I was, so obviously all the very best people start out at 9lb 10oz! ;)

Well here he is with his thorough perfect pout and peachy complexion... With his fabulous family of 5!

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Monday, 4 April 2016

She's 4!

My big girl is 4. 4 is big. I don't think 4 is a toddler anymore. I think 4 is a child, a little girl. I think 4 is well out of the starting gates in to parenthood. We're just around the corner from school runs and parents evenings, school plays, reading books and school holiday holidays. 

And what does she have to show for 4 years on this earth? Well, a wicked sense of humour, an affinity for anything crafty (especially if it involves glitter), a love for bugs (especially ladybirds), a reading and writing level well above her age, a pasta addiction, an incredible sense of balance that has her nicknamed "the goat" and an attitude you'd hope she wouldn't of developed for another 9 years or so. She's more than a bit excited for big school and it's helping all of us feel a little bit easier about the next stage we're being propelled in to.  

So here's how we saw her 4th year in... A family day on the big day followed by an extended family lunch at the weekend... :)

Happy Birthday Euna-Moo! xxx

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