Saturday, 5 March 2016

Welcome to Spring 2016! & Film Friday #2

Happy weekend everyone! How's the week treated you? The first week of Spring! Hooray!

I’m usually pretty sad the see the Winter go… I feel the cold and I like it. I like two duvets on the bed. I like hot, stodgy food and a cold to your bones that makes you eat it until your stomach aches. I like jumpers, days indoors, heating on in the car and coffee dates.

 But now I have two toddlers. And their little toddling butts have been kicked by Winter germs. We're all fed up of being indoors. I'm so ready to walk out the door without the trauma of tiny coats, tiny gloves, tiny hats and their tiny owners who don't them on or don't want you to help them put them on... So I am ready for Spring. I'm ready for light nights where I feel like I still have productive hours left in the day after the aforementioned tinies are in bed. I'm ready for being outside more. I'm ready!

I'm welcoming Spring 2016 in to the blog with these little carnation 35mm snaps. It's been a while since Farlie Florals so it was nice to get back to flowers and to test out my film camera on some still life. I like the teal hue to them and how the stems look emerald green, the flowers were much more purple in real life but here they are like maroon... Almost a moody period palette if it weren't for the white breaking it up.  

Carnations on 35mm, Kodak Portra 160...

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