Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hooray! My First Awards!

Confession: I've not even been slightly cool about this. I've posted this across every social media outlet going and happy danced around the house all night Sunday. In my defence self-employment can be a real test on your sense of self at times. I swing around the full scale on the confidenceometer daily, from "Am I just an idiot with a camera?" to "WOW! I'm doing this!" And I'm never fully happy with what I'm never fully happy with what I'm producing because the more I work, the more I learn and the more I learn, the higher my expectations of myself are. That teamed with the fact that it's just me. I can't bounce ideas off anyone and the comparison game with other togs is always a dangerous one. 

So probably for some of the reasons above, I've avoided competitions. But because it stayed on my New Year's resolution list from the year before I didn't want to procrastinate anymore and jumped straight in for the January submission with The Guild of Photographers. My point being I entered in the spirit of "I've been saying I will for ages" rather than really thinking I had anything award winning to offer...

But guess what?! I did! And I was awarded FOUR Bronze awards! Unreal! Hooray hooray! 

And the winning images... 

If you would like more information about my newborn photography please see my website!

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