Friday, 26 February 2016

Alps on Film - Film Friday #1

I know I'm being a little slow off the mark at the moment. I am rushed off my feet planning a day of mini sessions and I have a steady stream of beautiful newborns coming through the studio... All of which is wonderful but makes for way less blogging time. But! The good news is I have a hard drive full of photos to share including a whole bunch of scans from my explorations in film now I am officially up and running on the analogue cam! So to keep me up to date and posting regularly I scheduling in "Film Friday"to the blogging routine.

Starting here. The Alps on film. Our ski trip from the end of January, like here but 35mm. Quite nice to have such a direct comparison between the digital and film. Neither are edited much, only the digital has a big of a contrast boost but the scans below are totally untouched and as they came from UK Film Lab. In these I see much less blue, way more warmth, highlights are much more protected and oh the grain! <3 <3 <3 

Which do you prefer?  

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures, because this is a place I'll never visit. Snow is not my thing.


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