Friday, 26 February 2016

Alps on Film - Film Friday #1

I know I'm being a little slow off the mark at the moment. I am rushed off my feet planning a day of mini sessions and I have a steady stream of beautiful newborns coming through the studio... All of which is wonderful but makes for way less blogging time. But! The good news is I have a hard drive full of photos to share including a whole bunch of scans from my explorations in film now I am officially up and running on the analogue cam! So to keep me up to date and posting regularly I scheduling in "Film Friday"to the blogging routine.

Starting here. The Alps on film. Our ski trip from the end of January, like here but 35mm. Quite nice to have such a direct comparison between the digital and film. Neither are edited much, only the digital has a big of a contrast boost but the scans below are totally untouched and as they came from UK Film Lab. In these I see much less blue, way more warmth, highlights are much more protected and oh the grain! <3 <3 <3 

Which do you prefer?  

Which do you prefer?  

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hooray! My First Awards!

Confession: I've not even been slightly cool about this. I've posted this across every social media outlet going and happy danced around the house all night Sunday. In my defence self-employment can be a real test on your sense of self at times. I swing around the full scale on the confidenceometer daily, from "Am I just an idiot with a camera?" to "WOW! I'm doing this!" And I'm never fully happy with what I'm never fully happy with what I'm producing because the more I work, the more I learn and the more I learn, the higher my expectations of myself are. That teamed with the fact that it's just me. I can't bounce ideas off anyone and the comparison game with other togs is always a dangerous one. 

So probably for some of the reasons above, I've avoided competitions. But because it stayed on my New Year's resolution list from the year before I didn't want to procrastinate anymore and jumped straight in for the January submission with The Guild of Photographers. My point being I entered in the spirit of "I've been saying I will for ages" rather than really thinking I had anything award winning to offer...

But guess what?! I did! And I was awarded FOUR Bronze awards! Unreal! Hooray hooray! 

And the winning images... 

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Saturday, 13 February 2016

French Mountains for Family Memories...

Skiing's our thing in my Dad's family. The snow, the mountains, the vin chaud, the hot chocolate and burger lunches, the big family meals, the laughing, laughing laughing and (most importantly) the throwing yourself down a mountain at high speeds standing on two sticks. I had taken a good few years off skiing to get married and make babies but as of last year we're back and it's better than ever!

So a week back in La Tania it was this year with family and friends (which was a wonderful first) to enjoy probably the best ski conditions I think I've ever been lucky enough to have. Barely a cloud all week and more than enough snow to last us all week, even on the lower down slopes. 

I'll let the pictures tell the stories this year...

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Baby Vinnie - Newborn Portraiture in Colchester, Essex

My most favourite part newborn photography is being a part of a new family's special time, at the crazy, wonderful, terrifying, exhilarating, mind-blowing and life-changing time that settling a new baby in to the world is. It's my favourite because I know I am blessed to be there. For a few short hours I am front row and centre to the most extraordinary chapter in this family's story. Parent's come in and their eyes are at once bleary with sleep deprivation and sparkling like crazy with "LOOK AT THIS INCREDIBLE TINY HUMAN WE JUST MADE!" Their lives have been shaken from the foundations leaving an earthquake disaster landscape whilst being sprinkled with the most magical miracle dust the universe has to offer. 

That's why I find no better way to record it than to strip everything back for the family and just record baby. No hats, no colourful blankets, no props. Just this family's baby, taken out of all the new baby chaos and enjoyed and captured just as they are. Less earthquake, just the miracle dust stuff. 

Here's one family's little miracle dust... Baby Vinnie...

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