Thursday, 14 January 2016

Mum's Stories & Farlie Frames #14

I posted a "casting call" on my Facebook page this week. I was driving to a pre-wedding consultation to meet a bride and groom and thinking (after being pretty home and family located all Christmas and New Year) how nice it was to be out, alone, working, in a quiet car with a Costa takeaway. I thought about how two years ago I didn't feel as easy being away from the kids. Then my mind wondered over a ton of things about being a Mum and me as a Mum and it was sunny so I'm feeling all inspired and reflective so I get a bit deep in to my mind and I think about all the Mums... All the Mums on all their journeys in motherhood, living out their styles of mothering and trying to fit it all together with the other pieces of their lives. I really do find it fascinating.

By the time I get to Hylands House for my consultation I'm thinking I want to flex some of my creative muscles and think up a way to take real Mum's portraits. So I post my casting call, go to my consultation and when I come back my inbox is overflowing with requests to have their "honest portrait" portraying them as Mums. How interesting that so many other Mums want to tell their story? Because these Mums aren't just registering interest, they're writing emails with reasons why they want to and how they think their story is important. 

The eagerness has literally blown my mind! So I'm doing it. If these Mums want to get something out there this much then I can't not try. I've got a rough plan in mind and I'm going to give it a bash. 

What's your story in motherhood? Would you want to tell it? I'd love to know!

In the meantime here's one Mum with her brood, a little family session I took just before Christmas over at East Mersea...

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  1. You are an excellent photography! Your pictures are stunning. Just look at those little ones and their beautiful, blue eyes. I know this mom is pleasantly pleased with your work. You did a great job capturing their family! ~Lowanda

  2. These are just gorgeous and those boys are so alike and cute! I bet you had tonnes of Mums interested. Every story would be fascinating!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  3. I too love photography and do it for a little money on the side. I live in a very small town that I moved to less than 2 years ago so I am still trying to get the word out. Your pictures are gorgeous! #bestandworst


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