Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Baby Martha - Newborn Portraiture in Colchester, Essex

I love New Year. Cold crisp early January days thinking "what next...?" Waking up to new or renewed routines and seeing so much possibility. There's a reason we're a culture obsessed with new and we only ever seem to focus on how greedy and gross that can be but really it's just because we're all romantics. We like to take tags off new things and imagine it'll be our new favourite thing and it'll fit right or work perfectly and we'll keep it forever and it'll never let us down and smash our expectations. New Year is like that, only better because it's not a disappointing jumper that looks nothing like it did on the model and will almost certainly be stained with pasta sauce within a week. It's a New YEAR. And everyone's in-charge of their very own one.

So what better way to kick of my 2016 blogging than with a few highlights from potentially (BIG statement incoming) my favourite newborn session from 2015?! White, natural, soft new-ness. Everything that a new year symbolises. Looking at this beautiful little peach and seeing all this potential, a whole new person, with a whole new life to live and all the stories that can be told in a whole lifetime are just snoozing there on my white blankets. 

*Whispering I love my job, I love my job, I love my job...*

How can we look at these, at this time of year and not feel inspired? We were all like this once. And in a way we are all like this today. So say it with me... 

Hello baby Martha, welcome to the world, look at all the wonderful stories that await you! 

 And because Martha needs us to write our stories so she knows how...

Hello 2016, welcome to the world, look at all the wonderful stories that await me! 

Happy New Year folks! xxx

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