Thursday, 17 December 2015

Tree Day & Farlie Frames #12

Here it is! Christmas 2015! With all the wonderful memories and less wonderful but more memorable memories it's going to bring. Maybe this is the year you nail the turkey but three people get you the same book... Whatever it's going to be it's here to be lived and loved! 

I'm a little bit anti highly anticipated events... Too much expectation typically makes things a little too hyped to make actual Christmas day my favourite part of the season. So there are 3 days that rank higher that the day itself for me and they are Christmas Eve... Radio on, apron on, coffee on and the kitchen to myself. Cooking, preping and rocking around the kitchen (in an oh-so-cool-mum-style... criiiiinge) to The Pogues and George Michael. Also Boxing Day... That lovely lull after the big day, my favourite food (pickles and bubble), new jumper on, fresh air. 

But before any of that is "tree day" which has developed in to a bit of a tradition that because of Steve's tree related "enthusiasm" (*coughs*) requires the whole day put aside. We go to a nice garden centre with a nice decoration selection, let the kids pick an ornament, whilst getting marginally anxious trying to limit the breakages tab as they hare around hypo on glitter induced sensory overload. Steve inspects too many trees and I make a lot of sarcastic comments and then we hit home for decorating with Christmas tunes and a glass of prsoecco. Magic.

How are you enjoying the run up to the big day?

So here goes "Tree Day" circa 2015...



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