Thursday, 10 December 2015

London Walking for Festive Feelings! & Farlie Frames #11

We’re all about the country walk, if you’ve hung around here longer than 5 minutes you must’ve stumbled across 353689 woods based posts! So it was really lovely to take this very spontaneous trip to London and take just a stroll around the city. London is so close for us and tragically under-facilitated. Mostly because Steve commutes in everyday so almost the very last thing he wants to do on the weekend is jump on the train. BUT that man can be easily coerced in to anything Christmassy so off we went last week! No plan but a list as long my arms of potential things to do. Turns out you don’t really need to do anything because once we made our way over the West End we seemed to just have a great day walking, sightseeing and just generally inhaling the festive vibe hanging off every tinsel and light dripping building corner! 

Euna’s typically princess mad so she was totally at going to see “the Queen’s house”, we strolled through Green Park, up to Haymarket, found an incredibly welcoming and child friendly Italian (which I can’t fin online to link and gush over!), then on our way over to Hamley’s we discovered that Regent’s Street was closed and having some kind of Christmas kids fayre! The whole street was full of shows, CBeebies characters, music, snow machines and alsorts! Then it was just one quick shuffle through Hamley’s for an early Christmas pressie a piece and home we went!

Absolutely lovely! And I feel totally charged with Christmas spirit so highly recommended for those of you that are finding it hard to get your festive juices flowing!

Here’s a few snaps...

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Thank you so much to the linkers from last week! Such great shots from everyone! 

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  1. Ahh sounds like you all had a lovely day in the big city! I love London at this time of year, always gets you in the festive spirit. Gorgeous photos of your day, especially love the ones of Euna in front of the gates! xxx

  2. Brought back memories of our annual trip to London to see the lights when we were kids.

    Great post ��

  3. Thanks for sharing your London walk and the joyful shots. Also thank-you for hosting.

  4. What gorgeous photos and looks like you had an amazing day out. I especially like the one of the Clangers and Euna does look very excited about standing outside "the Queen's house." Thank you for linking up to #ftmob :-)

  5. I do love a visit to London in Christmas time, all the streets seem to sparkle. I bet Hamley's was fantastic!! #christmasdaysout


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