Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Baby Alexander - Newborn Portraiture Colchester, Essex

I have weeks of work to share with you and some stuff that I am seriously proud of at the moment. Proud; because I really feel like my work is starting to feel like "me" and represent what I think the kind of work I do should. And I think it should represent my subjects. The babies. Because babies are important. They're the purest of us all. They're all of our potential. They're our purpose (even when they're not ours). And for all these reasons and a million more they deserve beautiful captures. So I'm stripping my newborn sessions right back and learning the art of minimalism because... 

"Minimalism is a pursuit of the essence of things, not the appearance." Massimo Vignelli

So it's all about baby. Not posing technique. Not colourful blankets. Elaborate rustic basket set ups. Baby. Most specially here; baby Alexander. And his beautiful thick dark hair. And his lovely little arm rolls. And his sleepy pouty lips. And how (unlike a lot of babies I photograph, he really is too chilled to for a startle reflex when his arms relax back above his shoulders. And how his nose wrinkles when he yawns. And anything else you can spot here, as whilst he's only a week old and there's not a lot to know about what he'll do, what he'll like, how he'll laugh or how he thinks, there is so much to be captured about who he is at the very beginning of his everything. 

Baby Alexander... 

If you would like information on my newborn sessions please see my website and/or contact me at info@farliephotography.co.uk.

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