Thursday, 29 October 2015

Happy Halloween! Farlie Frames Link Up #5

Every time I blog I imagine next time I'll manage to say something a little more significant in the text section. And every time I don't. Because every time I sit down to do this I can't seem to quiet the things around me long enough to hear anything that's going on in my head. This evening (yesterday evening) I'm realising this is a pattern and whilst since becoming a mum I've become (as mums do) very good at squeezing things in to pockets of time that I didn't even believe existed before I had children, I do not find any time to be quiet and listen to my brain. Except the time before I go to sleep when all I'm thinking is "shut-up brain, shut-up brain, shut-up brain..."

I guess I realised this about six months ago when I bought an e-book on mindfulness. In doing so I realised there is a glorious oxymoron reflected in the act of buying an ebook on mindfulness. As in if you don't even think you'll have time to carry around a real-life book and navigate yourself and said book to some kind of sitting vessel that is located near a lighting contraption, then you probably need the book that's before mindfulness. 

So I'm blogging here. I got those two paragraphs done pretty quick actually... But then I look up and realised Bow has eaten a hell of a lot of mango skin. True story.

(Two baths, two pair of small pyjamas and two babies to sleep later.)

Anyway! The week's been nice... Homey. Autumny. All of us just pretty happy to be feeling well again. Half term crept up on me. I purposefully kept Monday and Tuesday "shoot-free" with the intention of blitzing my editing, ordering and emailing piles. Though I knew full well it was half term it wasn't until Sunday night when I pieced together that this meant no childcare. Ergo = no editing, ordering or admin blitz. It took me until about Monday afternoon to not be flustered by this and accept I would not be going to bed Tuesday with that satisfied-reduced-to-do-list-feeling. But from there we got in to the Halloween groove! 

I like Halloween. Halloween's not a big deal in the UK. If I'm honest I have no idea what it's about or originates from. I assume something Pagan? But basically you wouldn't lose any parenting points if you missed it entirely. I like that. Zero expectation = 100% enjoyment. So if you pick up a pumpkin and give it a face then that's a good s|?end of £3 and an hour right?

So here are mine enjoying some totally elective Halloween-ness! Halloween crafts, pumpkin carving and a shameless costume dress rehearsal for sake of photo opportunity... (Because right now I have all week to bribe smiles and shows of sibling love for biscuits, but before our little friend Albert's Halloween birthday party on Saturday we won't ;)... ) 


Here we are FARLIE FRAMES #5! 

And I am determined to get more and more of you this week so please please Tweet, Share and spread the word! 

To take part please copy and paste the code below to add the link up button to your post, then add  your photography post below. Your post can be any genre of photography and you an be any level of photographer... From keen hobbyist to enthused pblogger to working pro! Link up and show us what you've been snapping this week! :D 


  1. We are making pumpkin plates tomorrow as part of our crafts too for our Halloween fun on the farm. Love your scary faces. Thank you for the link up

  2. Artists in the making. What great fun and memories being made.

  3. Massive technology issues - HH - feeling like my halloween contribution was woefully inadequate, and my photographic documentation limited. Love these plates... Next year!!!!!


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