Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Triple Bill: Farlie's First Birthday, Pine Cone Painting and Farlie Frames Photography Link Up!

One year ago last week Farlie Photography website went LIVE! So I'm counting that as one official year of business. 365 days of serious self-employment. If my books were more up to date I could string a list of facts like 74 studio sessions, 56 babies, 32 newborns, 97 "korma poops" on blankets, 7 pairs of jeans changed on account of a rogue wee-stream... Etc. But I can't so I'll summarise with it's been a full year. (Too full for up-to-date book keeping.) 

So many baby cuddles, so many birth stories, so many wonderfully sleepy eyed new parents, so many texts starting "He/She's here!", so many trips to the woods with families dressed in their best, so many times I've watched toddlers fall over and assured the parents "don't worry... you won't see it in the pictures", so many chocolate bribes, a good brides, a fair few bumps, the odd "I bet you can't run to the camera REALLY FAST...", the odd "don't I can totally get rid of your VPL in Photoshop...", one dog and thankfully not a single reshoot. 

And I'm not done. Not even started. This is year 1, the warm-up round, the more I get in to this the more I want out of it and the anniversary has got me totally pumped for a whole batch of portfolio sessions to start directing my portraiture in a new direction and overhauling the website with the new look... Watch this space! :D

Here's a few favs from the last year... 

On the side on things that happens for me when I put the editing, emails and (work) camera down here we are chilling with some autumn crafts. Nothing planned or Pinterest worthy, just painting pine cones. Where Euna seems to be hell bent on bring the outside inside in the form of every kind of "treasure" she can find whenever we go out, including all breeds of mini-beasts, we're never short of things to paint. These ended up tied with string and hung over a mirror in the lounge...

It's Farlie Frames #3! Thanks to everybody who linked up last week, some nature stills, a wedding, a bump shot, still-lives, a bump on the beach, the HARIBO MUSEUM (?!) and lots of Autumnal loveliness... So many treats! I hope you all come back this week and bring a friend... ;)

To take part please copy and paste the code below to add the link up button to your post, then add  your photography post below. Your post can be any genre of photography and you an be any level of photographer... From keen hobbyist to enthused pblogger to working pro! Link up and show us what you've been working on this week! :D 

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  1. And what a year it's been! Lovely photographs, I have to get back into the habit of taking photographs of us... Job for next week! Aaaaaand, I think we may have the same dining chairs.... New purchase?


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