Thursday, 24 September 2015

Summer End... AND Farlie Frames #1 Photography Link Up!

It’s here: Autumn. Normally I’m heading up the charge in to warmer clothes and stodgier food. Not this year. August was a wash out for us UK folk with rain cloud after rain cloud after rain cloud after rain cloud… So I’m still waiting for my summer to peak whilst everyone else is digging out their Ugg boots and chunky knits. We have a brand new paddling pool in the garage that never even made it out of the box and I keep sending my kids out in shorts and getting funny looks. 

It’s not warm. It’s not summer. I’ll deal with both of those shortly but for a further five minutes just live with me in denial for this belated set of summer snaps! I’ve been so so busy with shoots this summer that it’s been really hard to muster the motivation to get the camera out during family time, let alone edit and squeeze in to a blog! 

So here’s a handful that got backed up in the August wash out and with it a brand new LINK UP at the bottom… 

And here's the link-up. It's for anyone and everyone with a snap or two to share! Whilst my work portfolio has grown Hulk-style this summer, my personal pic library is looking sadly small. So the aim is to host and grow this link-up weekly to make me (and you) get snapping and sharing! 

To take part you please copy and paste the code below to add the link up button to your post, then add  your post below! 


  1. Gorgeous photos, it looks like one for Country Kids too!

  2. Beautiful photo as always Mrs A, love seeing Bow on his feet!!!


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