Sunday, 27 September 2015

Let's Talk Newborn Photography #1... Why should you get pictures taken of your newborn?

So here's a little mini-series to get some information out there about newborn photography. Because unless you are either a newborn photographer or my long suffering husband who listens so patiently to all things newborn photography related most evenings of the week, the chances are you don't know much?

And I'll start with the why. Why get newborn photos taken? 

I do get it, I've had two children. I know what it means to even consider the mammoth task of leaving the house with a newborn baby. I know where your postpartum body is at. I know what it is to be a total mummy-beginner and think about everything you need to do to get that baby out of the house. I know you feel like a runaway train has just torn it's way through life as you know it. And I know you have the whole world lining up to meet the baby and come witness this chaos for themselves. So assuming your home is not on fire why would you consider leaving? And for a photoshoot?! 

Because... One reason... 

It goes so fast. 

Allow me to be the 456,873,467th person to tell you that fact. So many people tell parents "it goes so fast" that the words have now become totally meaningless, it's an international statement of nothingness. However, if you're a parent or about to be a parent you know that every so often that sentence occurs to you as if it's the first time anybody has ever thought it. They're a month old... "It goes so fast." Solid food? Already? "It goes so fast." Crawling? They're mobile?! "It goes so fast." First day at school! "It goes so fast." And when I brought my daughter home my Dad sat there, looked at me and went "I just don't know where the time goes...  It went so fast."

No part of it goes faster than those newborn days, they visibly change daily and the tragedy of those days is you have so very many factors distracting you, all in a sleep deprived haze, so they're even easier to miss. So get professional newborn pictures because these days are precious and fleeting and it'll be just that bit less painful when you realise for the first or 500th time that "it goes so fast" if you have a few of those moments captured forever.

Why you ask? I say, why not? Here's baby Jack, just 4 days new. He was only 4 days new for one short day. But here he is, 4 days new... Forever. <3

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