Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Baby Alyssa - Colchester Newborn Session

Ok... I'm going to blog. It's late and I have editing to do but this blog is slipping and I want so much to build it up and get a better platform for getting my photos out there! So I'm blogging! 

Especially I want to blog my newborns at the moment. I'm feeling super inspired and starting to find my feet with wrapping and fabric/texture choices. As always I love my whites and I'm learning that whites and ivories have so many different tones and textures to be explored and they really are the ultimate colour for babies. White represents everything that babies are. What more perfect match could there be? 

So here's beautiful Alyssa... Laying lovely in white and on a slight cream tone... I like how it warms her colouring and the picture...

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