Thursday, 27 August 2015

13 Top Tips For Taking Great Summer Holiday Pictures Of Your Kids

Your summer holiday is up there with the most prime family photo opportunity of the year, so make them count! Capture the fun, capture the memories and hold on to it all forever because this is seriously the good stuff. So how do you make the shutter click count? Here's a few of my personal favourite ways...

1) Slow down and stop. It's number 1 because it's the cardinal rule. I know you're in a rush, it's hot, you've set yourself things to do and the quicker you get there the longer you'll have. But if you slow down not only will you give yourself a moment to enjoy the moment, you will have a moment to capture it forever. This is the hardest but most key rule. Photos won't appear on your camera whilst you race to the beach, you have to make time to take them. This is us taking our first walk down to see the beach, we're so excited but kind of stressed getting everything together, we're rushing but we stop just moment to savour it = worth it.

2) Watch them play. You'll capture little details in the things that they do that they won't always do. Bow taking that rake in and out and in and out and in and out of the bucket? Priceless. Euna and the watering can, why is she always so mesmerised watching it come out? Love her.

Leaping all over the bed that night we got them home too late and they were wired to the eyeballs on ice cream? Hilarious.

And how Euna always has to throw stones in the sea...

3) Use props. Make them colourful for a fun pop to your pics and make them fun to encourage your little ones to play for the camera. 3 Euro fake Ray Bans = perfect!

4) Ask someone to take one of the whole family. I know it's embarrassing and no one likes to disturb other people, but I truly don't think people mind at all! I even quite like it when people ask! And if people don't mind me handing over my enormous lump of camera and massive zoom lens then they really won't you with yours.

5) Selfie! I love a fun family selfie! On the skew, mid chaos, someone's crying to be let go... Brilliant. It's a quintessential as the Christmas jumper family snap. Get a few. Some say they're not cool, I say whatever. You're never going to be as comfortable infront of any photographer as you are when selfie-ing... Go nuts!

6) Struggling to get a smile? TICKLE!

7) Get them running. I do this all the time, everywhere, on and off shoots. I love fun of it. I love how it loosens them up. I love how they smile when they run coming at you. I love the movement in the picture. And I loved getting Euna to show me her aeroplane...

8) Get them to show you their new tricks. All kids learn new tricks on holiday and they'll be super excited to show you them and to let you take pictures they can look at too. Plus these little phases are all the things you'll want to remember and tell them about when they're bigger. This is Euna showing me her "big girl swimming" and Bow showing us his lion roar!

And when one shot won't capture the action well enough, take a few!

9) Get them having down time. Because it's not often when you're home and work, housework and friends all want your attention that you even to have down time with them. In my house their down time is my laundry/editing/emailing/dinner prepping/toy picking up time, so it's nice to use this time to remember the little things they do when they want to chill out. It's all another piece of them that you want to remember, so snap it.

10) Get in front of the camera with them. I know there are a hundred reasons why you don't want to. Mum's especially. I know... I really do. But you vital to your family and this holiday and if you get home with barely a picture of yourself in the action then how have you really recorded your family holiday? Body image can be a tough one but no matter how you feel about your body, your body is currently the youngest it will ever be and in the future you will feel very differently about it. So get in front of the camera! Employ your spouse to take 50 and choose your favourite if needs be...

Or why not take a goofy selfie?

Or why not ask them to take a picture from far back so the image takes in the landscape with you?

11) Catch them sleeping. I snap my kids sleeping at every given opportunity. I imagine I'll sit and look at them as an old lady, close my eyes and remember when their hair smelt like mud and jam and remember wha it felt like to have them sleep on me. There's just nothing lovelier. Capture it. Especially as those holiday naps are so much longer from all the fun that's worn them out.

And whilst you're at it get their favourite toys in... Some of these little guys feel like part of the family!

12) Let them be. Just watch them. Some times it's not about taking the photo but rather the process of taking a photo locking the memory in. I know you have a book to read that you've promised yourself all year and this would be a prime time but this will just take a minute... Stand back, zoom out, let them be and watch. It doesn't matter what way they're looking. Get the landscape and the details around in too. This isn't just a portrait, it's a whole moment in time. These are always my favourite pictures.

13) "The golden hour". They're clean, in their best clothes for dinner and all just in time for the loveliest light of the day... Late after to evening sun. That time of the day when everything glows pink and gold and the sun falls down behind your subject(s) and puts that white halo back-lighting everything. And if you can get some lens flare then more's the better if you ask me...

Then later... The silhouette. This isn't us, but man I wish it was!

Happy holiday snapping!

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Baby Joey

 My kids are tired. They're little (1 and 3) so it doesn't take much but summer is definitely exhausting them. So we took a down day this week. Lego, drawing and promised all the CBeebies/Pixar they could handle. If you have or have had toddlers you'll know this is like the planets aligning, but Bow napped and Euna engrossed herself in some Justin Fletcher programme and I opened Creative Live and watched Anne Geddes almost entirely uninterrupted for the afternoon!

It was an amazing watch, not training, more a really informal chat about her new books and her working life. But one point she kept coming back was how much she genuinely loved and adored babies. She talked about important babies are and how they hold so much potential and purity. How in the past it has astounded her to have her photographer peers make undermining comments about baby photography like it doesn't posses the potential to have any of the depth that other genres have, but then don't those people go home and see their own babies as the most wonderful and precious beings in the whole world?

What a wonderful thought. To think about how important our babies are. How precious. What depths of potential their purity holds. Then how sad to think some need reminding of it. Especially when you think about how fast the world works and with that speed sometimes our babies get lost. Our Mums swept up in "who's got their s&*@ together the most" competitions that they don't actually recall entering and far too many corners of the world still insisting on children being seen and not heard despite the turn of the millennium

"Babies are my inspiration and my joy. In them, I see innocence and the precious possibilities of each life unfolding. In my images, I hope to convey a measure of the beauty that exists in all children." Anne Geddes

And so on to a few from the last couple of months whilst I've been far too busy to blog! Rather fitting to show you these of beautiful baby Joey, whose fabulous parents are literally the very last people to forget the importance and preciousness of babies...

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