Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pylos & Holiday Thinking...

Best thing about holiday is that far away feeling. That feeling like you can really see everything because you've actually stepped back, really far back. Sea breeze in your ears drowning out everything but your own thoughts... Icing on the cake. 

So I'm in Greece and I'm thinking. We try out dropping the kids at the Creche (first time we've done this on holiday but promised we would try and get some couple time) and we venture out of the resort to go to exploring some of the local Greek villages for some thinking. In terms of good times to think this is the cherry on the icing on the cake because nothing takes me out of Mummy-mode better than being able to go see something new and without a care for where it rates on the child-friendly-ometer.  

First holiday epiphany starts like this; I'm thinking about how I applied to join a Guild of elite child photographers a couple of months ago. It was an ambitious application. The guys that get through are world class, but my Auntie Irene tells me "shy bairns get nowt" and I'm nothing if not a tryer. I hear back just before holiday and whilst I score well, I don't get in. It shouldn't be a surprise but I don't mind admitting I spent a good few silently rationalising why it wasn't too far a reach. The instant I hear I look at the photos I submitted and got in to a bit of a downer on myself and that downer's followed me out to Greece. 

But now I've got sun and space. I'm feeling relaxed and lucky to be in a beautiful place with some time to myself and getting a little creative buzz from flitting around this beautiful town Pylos and snapping a ton of textures and colours that are totally novel for me. I feel good and I feel like giving myself a break and here's what I think... I've come a long way. This is good. And I have a long way to go. This is also good. Who wants to know there's a ceiling on what they do? The only thing that stops me seeing this as a good thing is pride. I think about how removing pride was the best thing I ever did early on, so why add it in now? No pride meant I was able to start a Facebook page with images that I now laugh at! The thing is, the best thing you can ever do is allow yourself to start somewhere. Be bad. Be a work in progress. It's all relative anyway. You can never be great at anything if you never let yourself be a beginner. 

So here's Pylos from where I'm at now... I might not be ready for a certain elite group yet... But I took these, I'm going to let myself be proud of them and excited that I have places to go... :D 

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