Thursday, 9 July 2015

Farlie Florals Week 9... Peonies on Black

I'm writing this in the crazy count down days to holiday... Washing, packing, clearing my editing pile and emails emails emails! So with very little introduction this is week 9 of my floral series. It's hard to try something you are pretty sure you won't like and that is what this was... Because I like white. Lots of it. Almost all of images are some form of over-exposure and I edit with a lot of white play. Light light light! I have literally 3 draws of white vests and tees at home. All our blinds are white. I like white. And I really don't like black. Very rare wear. Would never put it anywhere in my home. I had to wear black for two years when I did a full time performing arts course... I could blame that, but I'm not sure. 

So in the spirit of this creative project being about pushing some boundaries I'm playing with black! And I like it! 

If you've missed the last 8 weeks here's a little run down:

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Roses... Week 8

Peonies on black...

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  1. I love the "painted" look to the ones on the black background. These are just so lovely!


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