Friday, 3 July 2015

Baby Boy Harry... Colchester Newborn Session

It won't be a surprise to you that I love newborns. Obviously given what I do I must do right? And if you've seen me work it's like seeing me work is to of felt the slight pang of "is this woman going to give me my baby back?!" ;) The answer to that is... Yes, but a little resentfully. Who wouldn't want to cuddle a newborn all the live long day? I'm pretty sure I am that new baby visitor who, although aware you haven't slept, need a shower and wasting away waiting to start dinner, just won't leave.

I look at my big babies haring around playing monsters or rolling around in the sand pit and simultaneously newborn days feel like ten minutes and a million years ago. So maybe that's why this wee guy with his fair hair, blonde eyelashes, new big sister and sleeping so soundly he really did remind me of Bow and I must admit... This one... Beautiful baby Harry... Really really did have me smitten! :D 

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