Monday, 4 May 2015

Post Nap...

A little fact you probably don't know... That cot was my cot when I was a baby. It's a vintage Cosatto, circa 1984. How cool?! I spent all summer whilst I was pregnant with him sandy and painting it. If you ever plan to up-cycle a piece of furniture here's the best advice I can give you... Whatever you do, do not pick something with a ridiculous amount os spindly posts. It'll make you want to snap one of and poke yourself in the eye with it = true fact.

Anyway... It's rare my boy sleeps with the blind up and it's really rare he wakes up smiling. (Because he's normally hungry... Well he's typically hungry all the live long day but after a nap he is starving.) So it was definitely a camera moment to snap a couple here. When I'm older and my house is much much quieter during the day I'll miss this. I'll miss that first hug when you pick them up and you've missed each other a little bit. 

One of these will go in his baby album... <3

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