Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Farlie Florals Week 6... Unknown Aldi bargain bouquet!

So I lost my blogging mojo for a couple of weeks. Mainly because I've been too busy with my products. I'm really trying to get a line together of unique and quality products that will get peoples images off those discs and in to physical form. If you want to see my new full line of new products (including wooden canvases which I am really excited to test with my floral snaps) then have a look here!

That and editing! Lots of babies have come through and I'm really really hoping to share them with you so watch this space for squishy new people! 

Back to Farlie Florals then, week 6! I have no idea what these are though... They were £2 in Aldi and I loved their frilly, floppy petals so I whipped them in to vases and tossed the label before reading it! If you'd like to look at the previous weeks you can catch up here;

Lilies... Week 1

Blossom... Week 2

Butterflies... Week 3

More blossom... Week 4

Dandelion Fuzz... Week 5

Shot with 100mm 2.8 macro, manually focused, hence also did some playing with out of focus shapes. I love how they look like water colours or blotting sheets. I played with more peachy tones (call me consistent) in post production and then some grainy textures which I think really pulls out the dewiness on the petals. Next on the list is to get more in to layering textures, but for now...

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Scorching in Spring! Euna at Mersea...

I'm rushed off my feet and neglecting this blog! 

My week has been filled with a trio of cute babies to shoot and edit, running my first 5k, Costa-ing (surely that's a verb) and gearing up for a family weekend in sunny (we hope) Dorset! So whilst I run out of steam (temporarily) with the florals here's a few I've been meaning to share from a couple of weeks ago... A random 25 degree day in April! Where I realised Euna only has one pair of shoes that fit her and they're fluffy winter boots! 

So we swing down to West Mersea for a Wednesday morning by the sea (ok ok estuary... but that sounds much less lovely than it is) for a morning where I spend the whole time thinking "NO CARDI! NO CARDI?! How am I warm with NO CARDI?!" Euna with sweaty scrunched feet in last year's welly boots, she spends two full hours paddling and throwing stones at the edge of the water. She doesn't ask for us to play, she doesn't want help with anything and, for whatever reason a 3 year old would need it, I kinda think she was really enjoying the quiet and the space... Funny little girl.

Using a 100mm macro... I really like shooting at the beach, I think it's literally the rest on my eyes from green! The blue bounces up and light reflects everywhere, the space and the bokehs from the sea... All good stuff. If a little blasted out...

Hopefully back next week with more beach shots from Bridport!

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Farlie Florals Week 5... Dandelion Fuzz

Euna loves dandelions. Cute isn't it? It's really cute... Until you want to go anywhere without hours to spare. Because she wants to blow ever. Single. One. And she wants to blow every single seed off. Even the awkward ones at the bottom that require the most accurate blows... Euna = not so accurate. Also, not so patient. So every dandelion turns in to the same kerbside tantrum where she's shouting at  at some sad sparsely seeded stem to "GO AWAAAYYYYY!" 

I digress... Anyway, not technically a floral but here is my Farlie Floral Week 5! 

Former weeks are as follows:

Lilies... Week 1

Blossom... Week 2

Butterflies... Week 3

More blossom... Week 4

This week I cracked out my 100mm macro and worked my manual focus, which I love because I can fake it like some purist old-school photographer... (Ahem... right before I got nuts on Photoshop.)

And if you're wondering yes... Euna also wanted to blow this one once I was finished. And yes it ended in the same tantrum. :P

If you'd like to join in I'd love too see your florals on Insta #farlieflorals :D

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Post Nap...

A little fact you probably don't know... That cot was my cot when I was a baby. It's a vintage Cosatto, circa 1984. How cool?! I spent all summer whilst I was pregnant with him sandy and painting it. If you ever plan to up-cycle a piece of furniture here's the best advice I can give you... Whatever you do, do not pick something with a ridiculous amount os spindly posts. It'll make you want to snap one of and poke yourself in the eye with it = true fact.

Anyway... It's rare my boy sleeps with the blind up and it's really rare he wakes up smiling. (Because he's normally hungry... Well he's typically hungry all the live long day but after a nap he is starving.) So it was definitely a camera moment to snap a couple here. When I'm older and my house is much much quieter during the day I'll miss this. I'll miss that first hug when you pick them up and you've missed each other a little bit. 

One of these will go in his baby album... <3

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