Thursday, 30 April 2015

Farlie Florals Week 4...

I'm 4 weeks in to this project and the end is nowhere in sight! I have 2 lots ready for editing and a billion more ideas, who knew flowers were so photogenic?! Well... Everyone. But, I didn't think I'd be enjoying it so much! 

So a little reminder as to how the last 3 weeks have gone...

The ones with the lilies... Week 1

The ones with white blossom and a bee... Week 2

The ones with the butterflies... Week 3

And now more blossom. I walk under this tree when I walk Euna to preschool. It's so perfectly bubblegum pretty and bursting full of flowers right now. I worked with some hazing and sharpening contrasts and but really this bunch have had very little editing... They were just that perfect!

If you'd like to join in I'd love too see your florals on Insta #farlieflorals I'd literally explode with excitement to see "farlie" in a hashtag from someone other that me and I'll link the best up! :D 

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  1. Flowers--in pictures, drawing, or in real life inspire me. Beautiful pictures.

  2. The pictures of the blossom look pretty. I will try and share some of mine on your link soon.

  3. These photos are gorgeous! I especially love the 4th one with the soft edges. Thanks for sharing at the Monday Mash-Up!

  4. So pretty. I especially the first one (its aperture) and the black and white one (it's just striking). I'll keep the hashtag in mind for when next I post pictures on Instagram. I really enjoy taking pictures of flowers and working with them; so theraupetic handling such beauty! :-) #PointShoot


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