Friday, 17 April 2015

Farlie Florals... #3

I've got that Friday feeling and so I am wine in hand and blogging Farlie Florals week 3... I've had week editing the most beautiful couple's maternity session and a wee handsome chap's first birthday, not to mention starting running (whaaaat?!) and absolutely loving the sunshine! 

So here we go... This week's floral featuring some flower fans I found at Jimmy's Farm! I didn't take them intending them for this series but the moist air fogged the lens up and it made for fun editing. A little bit like all those photographers that are obsessed with photographing frozen flowers (a band wagon I totally intend to jump on FYI). Some over sharpening created grain and over-saturated green-y outlines which looks a little film-esc and I love that... Some I tried less hard to sharpen and they look like they're in fog... All fun stuff to work with.

I'll probably be back with more blossom next week, it's everywhere and love it's floppiness, getting the backlight because you can shoot upwards more easily and the lack of green, which is pretty unique when choosing flower subjects.

Week 3... Farlie Florals (and friends)... 

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