Sunday, 12 April 2015

Farlie Florals... #2

Round two of this mini-series and where did the week go?! One a week... Feels like I posted #1 ten minutes ago! Well we're 75 Easter eggs richer, I'm about 4lbs heavier and my hard drive is crying out for another clear out all thanks to Easter 2015.

Like with everything I completely overbooked myself, said yes to everybody, squeezed in a family location shoot and tried my hardest to take some family shots with my littlest who was poorly and slung on one hip the entire weekend. My poor Bow. And my poor Euna's teeth... Euna, who enjoyed a diet much like (Will Ferrel's) Elf.

How was yours? I'd love to hear! :)

So week 2 is a rather seasonal few sprigs of blossom... I think this is a plum tree... We've recently cleared a bunch of dead trees and debris from our garden so it'll be lovely to what's going to bloom and fruit this summer! 

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