Thursday, 30 April 2015

Farlie Florals Week 4...

I'm 4 weeks in to this project and the end is nowhere in sight! I have 2 lots ready for editing and a billion more ideas, who knew flowers were so photogenic?! Well... Everyone. But, I didn't think I'd be enjoying it so much! 

So a little reminder as to how the last 3 weeks have gone...

The ones with the lilies... Week 1

The ones with white blossom and a bee... Week 2

The ones with the butterflies... Week 3

And now more blossom. I walk under this tree when I walk Euna to preschool. It's so perfectly bubblegum pretty and bursting full of flowers right now. I worked with some hazing and sharpening contrasts and but really this bunch have had very little editing... They were just that perfect!

If you'd like to join in I'd love too see your florals on Insta #farlieflorals I'd literally explode with excitement to see "farlie" in a hashtag from someone other that me and I'll link the best up! :D 

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Around and About with My Brood...

It been too long since I had time to sling some of mine up on here. We live a typical busy family life but most of the time when the car or buggy is packed up I manage a five second dash back in to grab my camera. 

We've been enjoying the Spring. I never really realise I'm fed up with Winter until you get those first few days in the garden. And then you realise getting out isn't quite as hard once you can leave the coats, hats and gloves indoors. Freedommmm!!! (Kinda.)

Our biggest family news is Bow becoming an official member of the walker club over the past 2 weeks! He's the grand age of 17 months and I was so ready have him toddling around ready to enjoy the outside this summer! Wahoo! So here they are... My mini-beasties in a few of my favourite snaps from past month... 

Gardening, cooking, scooting, strolling, swinging, breakfasting and tunnelling... :D

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Farlie Florals... #3

I've got that Friday feeling and so I am wine in hand and blogging Farlie Florals week 3... I've had week editing the most beautiful couple's maternity session and a wee handsome chap's first birthday, not to mention starting running (whaaaat?!) and absolutely loving the sunshine! 

So here we go... This week's floral featuring some flower fans I found at Jimmy's Farm! I didn't take them intending them for this series but the moist air fogged the lens up and it made for fun editing. A little bit like all those photographers that are obsessed with photographing frozen flowers (a band wagon I totally intend to jump on FYI). Some over sharpening created grain and over-saturated green-y outlines which looks a little film-esc and I love that... Some I tried less hard to sharpen and they look like they're in fog... All fun stuff to work with.

I'll probably be back with more blossom next week, it's everywhere and love it's floppiness, getting the backlight because you can shoot upwards more easily and the lack of green, which is pretty unique when choosing flower subjects.

Week 3... Farlie Florals (and friends)... 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Lovely Lou... Colchester, Essex Maternity Session

I am having such a lovely time with maternity sessions lately! I love the confidence and pride pregnancy brings out in some women. That quiet, inner smile that comes from knowing your body is doing amazing things. Mostly called the "glow", it's a good name. And these ladies really do glow... Especially this lovely lady!

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And these were a little experiment with a new type of diffused backlight... They're very soft, with quite a lot of grain but I really like the look! 

And I couldn't decide between the colour and black and white... So you got both!

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Farlie Florals... #2

Round two of this mini-series and where did the week go?! One a week... Feels like I posted #1 ten minutes ago! Well we're 75 Easter eggs richer, I'm about 4lbs heavier and my hard drive is crying out for another clear out all thanks to Easter 2015.

Like with everything I completely overbooked myself, said yes to everybody, squeezed in a family location shoot and tried my hardest to take some family shots with my littlest who was poorly and slung on one hip the entire weekend. My poor Bow. And my poor Euna's teeth... Euna, who enjoyed a diet much like (Will Ferrel's) Elf.

How was yours? I'd love to hear! :)

So week 2 is a rather seasonal few sprigs of blossom... I think this is a plum tree... We've recently cleared a bunch of dead trees and debris from our garden so it'll be lovely to what's going to bloom and fruit this summer! 

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Baby Lily... Newborn Session in Colchester, Essex

I'm waiting on a LOT of baby news right now... Mummies who have been in for maternity sessions, mummies I'm yet to meet and a friend who found out she was having a boy yesterday! What a perfect time of year to have a baby too? The weather's warming up, the nights and mornings are lightening up and summer's coming. I'd be dreaming about summer buggy walks and shady snoozes on play-mats if I was a Mummy-to-be right now... :)

So to tie me over it seemed like a perfect time to pick out some of my favourites from a newborn session and the winner of my first ever competition. Congratulations on all fronts family Herschell! 

Couldn't you just lie down and nap just from looking at her snoozy face?!

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 And by far my most favourite snap... Totally unposed... I'm seeing more and more photographers embracing unposed newborns in their sessions and this really makes me want to try more!

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Farlie Florals... #1

Starting a new series today! Introducing Farlie Florals! 

I've been looking for a series of non-portrait images to start to think about printing on to wood. So I'm starting the creative process here... A floral sequence a week until... Well... I get bored. I want to try some new editing, some textures etc. Two big "tog-crushes" of mine are Mona's Picturesque and Capture by Lucy love to photograph florals and have totally inspired me with their unique styles. This will basically be me trying find a Farlie spin to snapping some florals and is there a better season to give it a bash?!

Here goes nothing... Using the peachy editing techniques I was loving last week with Sharon's maternity set and as over-exposed and wide open on the aperture as always... #1 looks like this...

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