Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Baking Babies... Maternity Lifestyle in Colchester, Essex

Taking a little look back at my list of New Year's Resolutions... So competition = Check! Monthly creative tasks... Erm... Well to be perfectly honest it hasn't been that formulaic but I am definitely really committed to being creative at the moment. I feel like i have a real vision of what I like and the images I want in my portfolio, so basically I've just got to set them up! 

And this is my latest creative loot. I invested in some Sue Bryce training via Creative Live (that website is going to bankrupt me). Sue Bryce being the go-to lady for boudoir photography that women actually want taken and to see. The training being maternity posing. So this is the perfect blend for creating tools to create images that will make women feel the same beauty on the outside that we all know is going on inside. 

Mixed in my own brand of white-obsession, imported lace that was quite literally stolen from my Mum's shop, a new peachy editing mash-up (that I can't stop using on everything now) and lots and lots of natural light. Ta-da! 

I don't mind admitting this batch made me pretty proud... :D :D :D See here for more info my maternity sessions! 

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