Friday, 13 February 2015

Waiting for Spring

I start to get itchy for Spring in February. The promise of any real snow is fading. Along with the novelty of staying home and eating hot food. And I'm thinking about how much easier it'll be to get out and about when layering up three of us with jumpers, hats, coats, wellies and gloves... Oh the GLOVES! (If you've never stood for what must be hours waiting for an almost 3 year old to put fingered gloves on because she has to doing eeeeeverything "ALL BY MEEESELF!!" then you just don't spend as much time hitting your head against your porch wall/car bonnet as I do...)

So come on Spring. Come on green. Come on warmth. Not a lot. I'm not a greedy girl, I just want to hit the great outdoors in pumps and a singular outer layer! 

Whilst we wait... Here's a couple of the not-so-great-indoors... 

Have you seen the new images on my website?

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