Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy (Belated) Valentines Day!

 I started this post yesterday but it was far from a romantic day Chez Alexander... After a vaguely leisurely breakfast of Sainsbos croissants I hit Homebase for a new bin and then we spent the afternoon putting up shelves and clinging desperately to our sense of humours, which always seems that much harder when we're DIY-ing. Then we made pizzas with the kids for dinner which was fun but fraught and followed by a swift bedtime routine and a simultaneously "humph" and flop on the sofa with a glass of bubbles. We toasted a glass of bubbles and smirked through a few "how romantic" jokes together. 

But read none of that negative... It's all good in the Alexander hood. I laid out on the sofa in my comfiest joggers with some seriously tasty plonk and thought how lovely it is to be cosy. And warm. Ski socks and The Voice. We talk about how well Rita Ora is coming across and how pleased we are those shelves are up (the mis-screwed screw holes will get polyfillered another time) and what an overdue job new bin shopping was (the other one was broken for months)... Often your most ordinary isn't the most extraordinary, but I'm feeling so comfortable admitting it's lovely. If Valentines is about that warm squishy feeling, then we were full of the joys :) <3

But fear not... Whilst we simmer down to a comfier take on romance, more outwardly displays of romance are still going on and it's not more obvious than in my inbox which is filling up with excited Brides to be planning their big days! Having survived my first official Summer season as a wedding photographer I am so so excited for this year! With some really fab weddings in some amazing venues coming up! 

So to make a push on the wedding booking side I've been reworking some old images to make some new graphics for my Facebook page... 

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