Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rocking Out with Isla...

I love this kid. 

You can't tell in these pictures... But she's a friggin' rockstar. 

She's one of my NCT babies. My own girl is a day older. 

I've really watched this one grow. I got front row. From the first NCT class we all waddled in, very excited, more nervous than we'd admit just yet, a little idealistic and utterly unaware of what was really to come.  To the the first coffee morning we all met with newborns, wired, shell-shocked, varying degrees of broken by birth, holding the most precious things in the world a bit like we'd forgotten how our fingers work and a bit like we couldn't believe there was a time before we held them. Front row and centre stage, I've watched this girl.

She had a perfect black mohawk. A rockstar. The tiniest of the bunch. The biggest will. She still does.  

To her milk obsession, to her all night parties, to her Quasimodo crawl, to her Deedee's and her Mimi's, to her telling me "Euna is my best friend in the whole wide world" last Friday and beyond... Miss Still... *cringey Auntie wink*... I'm watching you! ;)

And her Mummy is just about one of the most fabulous ladies you will ever meet. I don't recommend attending one of her dinner parties on an empty stomach... But she's pretty fantastic regardless. 

Here you are Isla... 2 years and 9 months, the mohawk's gone but the rock 'n' roll lives on through her toddlerdom...

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