Friday, 23 January 2015

One (Almost) Down... Eleven To Go...

Where is January going?! It's like 2015... 1 month down already! 

And what have you done with the first 1/12th of the year? Well I feel like I've done lots and nothing all at the same. I ran my first Facebook page competition and excited to be meeting a lovely new family in March as a result! After much much much deliberation and research I have finally taken the plunge and purchased some studio lights, which I hope will open up a whole ton of new avenues. I've created my first leaflet and started distributing them around my village and local town... Starting with an accompanying big display at my favourite local soft play! Not to mention my biggest has been back to preschool and I enjoyed a girls night out this week! 

So that's the busy hand... But why not so busy? 


Which in a way is great because I am so full of ideas. I know a few top photographers talk about scheduling time for resting your creativity so you can recharge it and I totally get that right now. Rather than scrapping around for ideas I'm feeling pumped full of them and ready to burst on to my upcoming clients! I have mental photos coming coming out of my ears and can't wait for my next shoot! 

So when is my next shoot? TOMORROW! AND I HAVE 4! FOUR!!!!

Can't wait to report back with some examples of how this year's going to start out! But in the meantime... Some personals... Here's my baby Bow-Bow in his Nanny's bath... :)

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