Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!

NEW YEAR! I really like New Year. I really like it because I take the whole "fresh start" thing quite seriously, which means I (/we) tend to do quite well with resolutions. Last year Steve (husband) and I decided we didn't feel healthy (and the NHS BMI calculator thing told us we weren't either) so we started healthy eating and lost a combined 5.5 stone. The year before we decided to have a second baby. A couple of years before that I stopped smoking. 

I do get a real January 1st buzz. This-is-IT kind of vibe. I remember feeling the same about the day of the academic year at school, hell bent on returning from summer hols a much cooler version of my former June-self every single year. Like the "new-Sandy" at the end of Grease. It never happened by the way. And one year it led to rocking up at school having made some really spectacularly bad make-up decisions that took me most of the year to live down. The universe loves a trier right? 

I digress...  

This year I'm feeling pretty contented in my personal life so the only thing under that sub-header is to start yoga... But on the photography side it's pretty busy. Too busy and too long. With too many immeasurable items, like; be better, work more, do lots strictly creative projects, define a style etc. When I feel like something's become too messy in my head like this blogging is king. And lists are queen. 

So here... In 2015 Farlie Photography will...

1. Do at least one competition.

2. Monthly creative projects.

3. Donate a minimum of 4 shoots to charitable causes/organisations. 

4. Work/experiment with studio backlight.

5. Expand my family posing repertoire. 

6. Take some editing risks. Get really creative.

^ 2015. Bosh. And here are a couple of snaps that fulfil none of the above... But in my defence I'm still focusing on polishing the Ferrero Rocher... 

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