Tuesday, 13 January 2015

French Alps & Holiday Stories...

An excellent kickstart to 2015 with a massive family holiday to the French Alps. 

Whilst sorting through the pictures I remember that once I read an article (here) that was all about how knowing our family stories builds our sense of self and belonging. Then by extension we become more comfortable and confident with our own identities and our places within the world. It's a nice thought. It's probably especially nice for my Mum to know seeing as she has told certain stories about a trillion times. So there's a point to it Mum... You're not a broken record... You're building my sense of self and identity. ;)

Holidays are good for that for two reasons; we have a lot of time to sit around and tell stories on holiday and we make a lot of new stories on holiday. Holidays are like that, life's seasoning. 

So tales to be told from this holiday?

Once your Daddy fell on to his own ski pole and gave himself a black eye. 

Euna, once when you were two we went sledging in La Tania, you went down the slope on Grandad's lap and he lost control of the sledge so he threw himself (with you) off the sledge and rolled right over you and used you as some kind of toddler-breaking-device...

Bow, on the same sledging trip your Daddy careered in to your sister and your Mummy, who was holding you, and took you all out and mummy fell right on top of you!

Auntie Shirley once wanted an Alpaca farm because they have faces like poodles.

Once we all went for dinner and your Grandad and Auntie Karen ordered a Roclette which is basically a gigantic wedge of cheese that you shove under some kind of table mounted hair straightener which melts the cheese slowly... The cheese smelt so bad it put our entire table of 16 off their meals and none of us could face cheese for the rest of the holiday.

Anyway... We had a GREAT time! 

Here's some pretty candid proof... (Avert your eyes photography-buffs, below contains scenes of strong lens-flare... Which, for some reason that I'll probably cringe about later, I am really liking at the moment!)

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