Saturday, 31 January 2015

Blog Therapy

Back when I was really learning the basics of photography I used to write a parenting blog (which is when I realised I had much more interesting pictures to put out there than words, but) it did used to feel really good to have a good old "THIS IS HAAAAAARD!" rant and send it out to the cybersphere... It doesn't matter how many people read it. It matter I took time to measure my feelings enough to try and formulate a paragraph or two. The process meant that when I sat down to what I thought was going to be a post called "I WANT TO THROW MY KID IN A RIVER!!!!!!" it actually became something far less emotional on account of the added perspective having to formulate your thoughts gives you. 

Why write that? Because a part of me could've written the "I WANT TO THROW MY KID IN A RIVER!!!!!!!" post today. My littlest and boy-est of the litter is really peaking with his mummy-attachment and my arms are tired, my ears are tired and I'm a little gladder (than feels nice) that he's gone to bed. :/

So here's where blogging and photo editing is good for the soul... I sit back, wine in hand, know he's happy in his slumbers, edit up a couple of sugar sweet nose-scrunched-smiles and write my mummy stresses away! Safe in the knowledge that everything is a phase and failing that, blog o'clock is never too far away!

How are you shedding your stresses du jour? 

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