Saturday, 31 January 2015

Blog Therapy

Back when I was really learning the basics of photography I used to write a parenting blog (which is when I realised I had much more interesting pictures to put out there than words, but) it did used to feel really good to have a good old "THIS IS HAAAAAARD!" rant and send it out to the cybersphere... It doesn't matter how many people read it. It matter I took time to measure my feelings enough to try and formulate a paragraph or two. The process meant that when I sat down to what I thought was going to be a post called "I WANT TO THROW MY KID IN A RIVER!!!!!!" it actually became something far less emotional on account of the added perspective having to formulate your thoughts gives you. 

Why write that? Because a part of me could've written the "I WANT TO THROW MY KID IN A RIVER!!!!!!!" post today. My littlest and boy-est of the litter is really peaking with his mummy-attachment and my arms are tired, my ears are tired and I'm a little gladder (than feels nice) that he's gone to bed. :/

So here's where blogging and photo editing is good for the soul... I sit back, wine in hand, know he's happy in his slumbers, edit up a couple of sugar sweet nose-scrunched-smiles and write my mummy stresses away! Safe in the knowledge that everything is a phase and failing that, blog o'clock is never too far away!

How are you shedding your stresses du jour? 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Baby Rose

New Year! New lights! (New reasons to want to lob my camera across the kitchen because I can't figure it all out instantly...) And new pictures!

With a world to learn about lighting ratios, apertures and shutter speeds with flashes, angles, reflections, colours... And so on... Here she is... The very first baby through my new improved studio... Baby Rose! 

If you would like more information on baby sessions see my website!

Friday, 23 January 2015

One (Almost) Down... Eleven To Go...

Where is January going?! It's like 2015... 1 month down already! 

And what have you done with the first 1/12th of the year? Well I feel like I've done lots and nothing all at the same. I ran my first Facebook page competition and excited to be meeting a lovely new family in March as a result! After much much much deliberation and research I have finally taken the plunge and purchased some studio lights, which I hope will open up a whole ton of new avenues. I've created my first leaflet and started distributing them around my village and local town... Starting with an accompanying big display at my favourite local soft play! Not to mention my biggest has been back to preschool and I enjoyed a girls night out this week! 

So that's the busy hand... But why not so busy? 


Which in a way is great because I am so full of ideas. I know a few top photographers talk about scheduling time for resting your creativity so you can recharge it and I totally get that right now. Rather than scrapping around for ideas I'm feeling pumped full of them and ready to burst on to my upcoming clients! I have mental photos coming coming out of my ears and can't wait for my next shoot! 

So when is my next shoot? TOMORROW! AND I HAVE 4! FOUR!!!!

Can't wait to report back with some examples of how this year's going to start out! But in the meantime... Some personals... Here's my baby Bow-Bow in his Nanny's bath... :)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Family Bateman

 Some family snaps that I wasn't allowed to share until after the gift giving season... I hope some lovely Mummy and Granny got some joy out of these this December! And here's a little peak for you...

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

French Alps & Holiday Stories...

An excellent kickstart to 2015 with a massive family holiday to the French Alps. 

Whilst sorting through the pictures I remember that once I read an article (here) that was all about how knowing our family stories builds our sense of self and belonging. Then by extension we become more comfortable and confident with our own identities and our places within the world. It's a nice thought. It's probably especially nice for my Mum to know seeing as she has told certain stories about a trillion times. So there's a point to it Mum... You're not a broken record... You're building my sense of self and identity. ;)

Holidays are good for that for two reasons; we have a lot of time to sit around and tell stories on holiday and we make a lot of new stories on holiday. Holidays are like that, life's seasoning. 

So tales to be told from this holiday?

Once your Daddy fell on to his own ski pole and gave himself a black eye. 

Euna, once when you were two we went sledging in La Tania, you went down the slope on Grandad's lap and he lost control of the sledge so he threw himself (with you) off the sledge and rolled right over you and used you as some kind of toddler-breaking-device...

Bow, on the same sledging trip your Daddy careered in to your sister and your Mummy, who was holding you, and took you all out and mummy fell right on top of you!

Auntie Shirley once wanted an Alpaca farm because they have faces like poodles.

Once we all went for dinner and your Grandad and Auntie Karen ordered a Roclette which is basically a gigantic wedge of cheese that you shove under some kind of table mounted hair straightener which melts the cheese slowly... The cheese smelt so bad it put our entire table of 16 off their meals and none of us could face cheese for the rest of the holiday.

Anyway... We had a GREAT time! 

Here's some pretty candid proof... (Avert your eyes photography-buffs, below contains scenes of strong lens-flare... Which, for some reason that I'll probably cringe about later, I am really liking at the moment!)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Family Bateman...

Nothing like brisk, sunny, winter days... Great light, lens flare, cosy hugs... 

Thanks for having me family Bateman! (If you would like more information on family location shoots see my website.) 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rocking Out with Isla...

I love this kid. 

You can't tell in these pictures... But she's a friggin' rockstar. 

She's one of my NCT babies. My own girl is a day older. 

I've really watched this one grow. I got front row. From the first NCT class we all waddled in, very excited, more nervous than we'd admit just yet, a little idealistic and utterly unaware of what was really to come.  To the the first coffee morning we all met with newborns, wired, shell-shocked, varying degrees of broken by birth, holding the most precious things in the world a bit like we'd forgotten how our fingers work and a bit like we couldn't believe there was a time before we held them. Front row and centre stage, I've watched this girl.

She had a perfect black mohawk. A rockstar. The tiniest of the bunch. The biggest will. She still does.  

To her milk obsession, to her all night parties, to her Quasimodo crawl, to her Deedee's and her Mimi's, to her telling me "Euna is my best friend in the whole wide world" last Friday and beyond... Miss Still... *cringey Auntie wink*... I'm watching you! ;)

And her Mummy is just about one of the most fabulous ladies you will ever meet. I don't recommend attending one of her dinner parties on an empty stomach... But she's pretty fantastic regardless. 

Here you are Isla... 2 years and 9 months, the mohawk's gone but the rock 'n' roll lives on through her toddlerdom...

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