Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy Old Year! Adios 2015!

Helloooooooo to all out there! Has your head popped out from the Christmas nest yet? Or are still horizontal under a pile of new socks and smellies, scoffing leftovers like you might not get a meal in 2016 and guiltlessly hitting the wine because "it IS still Christmas right?!" Yeah... Me too. And carpe diem it up my friends because New Year's Eve has snuck up on us so these last days of indulgence are few and fleeting! I can see vegetables, editing piles and school runs on the horizon... LIFE is on it's back!  

So it's that time of the year when we think a little bit more about what kind of life you want to meet you when you come out the other side of the Christmas-coma. I really like New Year for this reason. I always liked the beginning of a new school year too. The blankness of it, the potential and promise of more and/or different. Last year it was great to write down some goals, the two years before had been "having baby years" so all I stuck on the annual to-do list was "SURVIVE". But now I have another opportunity to write a list and think bigger. "2016" just sounds good doesn't it? Then it will be.

The list... 

1. Fresh 24 sessions

2. Get good at film 

3. Get fitter and stay fit

4. Enter some photography competitions (this is the only one I didn't achieve from last year... Something about doing this gives me the serious heebies which is probably the best possible reason toffee it and do it) 

5. More lifestyle sessions

6. Make and complete a "Before School Bucket List for Euna"

7. Find more time for friends

And a rather predictable selection of 2015-ness in photos... Farlie-style...

So in no particular order there are a few of my fav moments of 2015... Have you posted a "Best of 2015" post? Why not get social and link up below! 

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