Monday, 15 December 2014

Running In to Christmas...

I've decided what my beef is with Christmas. My beef is I prefer the run up. I expect the day to top the run up but in my book it never does. For me the solid gold festive favourite moments are found in all the little rituals that make up the run up. And top of the list is the day we get the tree. Despite the fact we have a mild domestic amongst aisles of trees at the garden centre every single year, I love it. I  love shopping for a few special baubles for that year. I love switching the Crimbo compilations on for the first time and untangling the twinkly lights with a glass of wine. Sitting back and watching telly with just the tree lights on. I love looking at my social calendar and knowing I've made time for good friends. I love sitting down for cheese and bread with my Mum's homemade pickled onions for lunch. I love my Uncle Jim's open house and how he makes mince pies to my Nan's recipe and I can flick through his photography books  in his garage whilst I scoff them.

Solid gold favourites. 

All of them. 

And working out that the build is my favourite has some indirect way of measuring expectations and making me look for the big day even more! Figure that one out?!

So here we... Noisily and candidly running up and in to Christmas...

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