Saturday, 6 December 2014

Giving at Christmas...

It's been a grim week here... Just when I'm thinking we've had our share of the winter germs we all get knocked flying by another dose! If I was going to start a series on "Things that are rubbish about taking photographs in the Autumn" then #1 would definitely be I CAN'T GET OUT TO SHOOT BECAUSE FROM OCTOBER ON I'M ELBOW DEEP IN SNOT!!!! GAH!

Ergo... Blog silence... But here I am now. Exhausted babies in bed after a 3rd birthday party and ready to blog!

So I thought I would formally catch you up on something I have loosely mentioned on my Facebook page, that I am giving 5% of all my print, canvas and acrylic panel orders to St Helena Hospice, I thought I would explain why... 

Earlier on in the year I mentioned to my sister who works there, that I'd really like to offer some free photography services to some of the patients if they ever mentioned needing it. A few weeks later I found myself spending a beautiful late summer Sunday afternoon capturing a vow renewal for a lovely couple and I can not tell you how moved I was by this place. 

Beyond the passionate people and peaceful settings that I knew were there and I expected, what I experienced was that this is not a place where people go to die... Well it is... But first and foremost this is a place where people go to really live. Time is precious at St Helena and as a result everybody's leaving their casual day to day apathy and habitual focusing on the little things at the door. It's all about the bigger picture. Gone is the common myth that we're all immortal here, so everyone's living hard, loving harder and finding ways to appreciate the world and everyone in it today.

So, whilst I am hugely inspired by charities like Now Lay Me Down to Sleep and Kindred Spirits and I have lots of aspirations to make a more formal avenue for charitable giving of photography services... This year, Farlie Photography's first Christmas, I thought I would do a little "paying it forward" and offer up a piece of my *success* to something that has inspired me. 

Thank you St Helena Hospice xxx

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  1. Our ceremony at this Wedding location in Chicago was the most beautiful and romantic ceremony I could have ever expected (and all our guests made sure to tell us they felt the same way once it was over!).


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