Monday, 10 November 2014

Reasons It's Brilliant Taking Photographs in the Autumn... #1

I'm going to run a little series and it's all about why I keep banging on my Facebook page about Autumn being the best time of year for taking photographs. Whilst the assumption remains that summer must be best because the weather is more likely to be better (*cough cough*), the truth in my world of taking photographs is that Autumn (and Winter) is where it's at. I know I know I know there are a lot of reasons to believe otherwise; like the kids have only just gone back to school and everyone is still smarting from the wallet-ectomy that is buying school uniforms. Or because it's all eyes on the all consuming event that is Christmas and it's overwhelming enough to just think about everything that Christmas entails. Or because it's colder and will probably rain. I could go on. And I can answer all those. Photographs will never be an essential but they are never ever a regretted expense. With Christmas looming there's nothing lovelier than giving the Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles a lovely framed family photo. Plus nothing gets a smile from a small person like the prospect that Father Christmas is most likely watching them during the shoot ;). And the weather? Well... As I will explain... That's the best bit! 

So! Reasons it's brilliant taking photographs in the Autumn? 

#1 Sunbursts and lens flares. Did you know the sun is closer to the earth in the Autumn and Winter months? But the reason this doesn't make us any warmer is because of the angle it hits the earth. The angle it hits the earth, however, does make for much better use in photographs. Low suns can be squeezed in to portraits. When the suns high in the sky it's of very little use to a photograph but low? That's when we can use it to pretty up the most ordinary and uninspiring of photographs, like my kids on the swings, with sunbursts and lens flare!  

And here's a few examples...


  1. These are the most beautiful photos. I am not a photographer but I love the light of autumn and winter. It makes everything look more ethereal. Thanks for linking up with #SundaysStars but please can I ask you to add the badge to the bottom of your post. Then we will receive the back link and you will be sharing the linky love. Thanks so much. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  2. Thank you so much for adding this post!! I love photography, but am just not very good at it. But - I do start a short course this Tuesday so you never know - perhaps I will learn how to use the camera properly and take amazing photos like you have on your post. I love these photos. And I love the little hints/tips that I have managed to pick up from you. Just need some sunshine now!! Grr!! Thank you so much for linking up to #SundayStars Love Steph xx


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