Thursday, 20 November 2014

Reasons It's Brilliant Taking Photos in the Autumn... #3

So far in this series we have had:

 #3 to this series is... Backlight! 

What is backlight? It's exactly as it sounds... It's light from behind the subject. 

What's so good about it? It creates this yummy halo around the subject that just makes them glow. It brings a natural yet whimsical ambiance to a pictures like direct light never could. A favourite blogger of mine (Kelle Hampton) notated one of her pictures where the sun was making one of those gorgeous golden halos around her son with "It's for catching fairies" and it totally could be! If I told my two year old sun-filled, glowy was for catching fairies she would totally buy that! 

Specific to Autumn? Not especially because all you really need is the sun low enough to be behind the subject but! there are far more opportunities for that in the Autumn. That's because the sun is lower in the sky all day and sun rises and sunsets are at far more social times of day (especially if you have two young babies due in bed at 7pm and they already give you enough reasons to be up at ungodly hours) so scrummy low sun backlight is far easier to catch.

So here's a few personal backlit pictures and some from a family shoot last week!

This one's from a couple of months back, but demonstrates you don't have to be outside for backlight, also a good example of sunbursts and lens flares... Infact this pic, with Euna in her pyjamas and bed-hair, just hanging out in our reasonably untidy lounge amidst morning preschool run carnage, shows that photography is always about light first, location second. :)

And here are the fabulous Gillibrands! I shamed myself by standing AND kneeling in dog poo... But this sun was totally worth it... The backlight is much more subtle here but you can appreciate how even the thinest little outline of light highlights the subjects and makes them pop out of their surroundings, particularly nice in black and white...

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  1. Such great photos, they are really fab. It would be great if you could add our badge or even a text link to one of our sites. Thanks for linking up with #PointShoot x


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