Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. Infact I just love this fortnight period of Halloween and Guy Fauks. I love it most because neither are enough of a big deal for most people (UK side) to have any real expectation about them. Unlike Chirstmas and Birthdays you don't actually have to do anything. They just creep up on you and are all about fun. Fun, kids being out in the dark (which I remember feeling so fun as a kid), sweets, family, winter barbecues, pumpkins and wooly hats. And if you're really lucky the first mulled wine of the season... 

Side note: this time last year I was about as pregnant as it should ever be inflicted on any woman to be. It was my due date. I was gigantic. Swollen. Cross. Limping around the house and blaming my husband for just about everything, including breathing. Second babies aren't supposed to go overdue (I thought). So my Dad took pity on me and brought round a pumpkin to carve... Crazy to think we didn't know him. Not even that he was a him! So as an ode to my due date anniversary here's a little bump pic for last year...

And here are our pumpkin pics from this year... UNBELIEVABLY my husband has never carved one before?! Insane right? 

Thank you to my neighbour for growing such fine specimens. (Who should know if it looked like I was stealing from the honesty box I wasn't, I merely needed change from a tenner and my arm got stuck. Looked worse as I'd already put the pumpkins in the car and they were the last... So I did just look like I had pulled over was shoving my hand in a bucket of cash :/) Regardless my £3 pumpkins (paid £7 because I wasn't risking my arm and awkward looks a second time) gave us a very happy hour of carving and since Euna has asked to go outside and see the "scawy bumpkins" around 476,987 times... Not annoying at all... ;)

From us, from me, from Farlie Photography: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D 

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