Friday, 10 October 2014

Diving In With Some Recent Newborns

I keep putting off starting my first post... Want to hit the right tone, pick the right topic, tweak the layout, link up my Facebook page with the right icon... But this is a blog. It's a constant work in progress, so I'll just kick it all off now! And I'll kick it off with a look at my favourite baby shots from the last couple of weeks...

This flurry of fresh in to the world little fellas are all hanging out together in the same NCT circle and each one has been absolute pleasure! Highlights definitely included the blanket this first baby came with, it was a very special handmade and it's got me thinking about get in some cool retro baby fabrics as backdrops... Like some awesome Strawberry Shortcake prints for the next time I get a baby girl in? 

And these eyelashes... Eyelashes being up there in my top 5 parts of babies to photograph (along with stretched fingers, yawns, neck creases, toes and bottoms, obviously) I know about baby eyelashes and these are just about as gorgeous as they get! :D

This little guy just came yesterday... 5 weeks old and such a super star to settle! We managed to get him snoozing on two blankets, in one basket and my new steel bucket! More of this wee man to follow but just for now...

So there we go, blog post numero uno, some recent work faves! Maybe a personal snap or two next time and every Thursday I'm going to do a "Throw Back Thursday" post and copy over an old favourite post from my old blog... Thanks for reading! :D 

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