Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. Infact I just love this fortnight period of Halloween and Guy Fauks. I love it most because neither are enough of a big deal for most people (UK side) to have any real expectation about them. Unlike Chirstmas and Birthdays you don't actually have to do anything. They just creep up on you and are all about fun. Fun, kids being out in the dark (which I remember feeling so fun as a kid), sweets, family, winter barbecues, pumpkins and wooly hats. And if you're really lucky the first mulled wine of the season... 

Side note: this time last year I was about as pregnant as it should ever be inflicted on any woman to be. It was my due date. I was gigantic. Swollen. Cross. Limping around the house and blaming my husband for just about everything, including breathing. Second babies aren't supposed to go overdue (I thought). So my Dad took pity on me and brought round a pumpkin to carve... Crazy to think we didn't know him. Not even that he was a him! So as an ode to my due date anniversary here's a little bump pic for last year...

And here are our pumpkin pics from this year... UNBELIEVABLY my husband has never carved one before?! Insane right? 

Thank you to my neighbour for growing such fine specimens. (Who should know if it looked like I was stealing from the honesty box I wasn't, I merely needed change from a tenner and my arm got stuck. Looked worse as I'd already put the pumpkins in the car and they were the last... So I did just look like I had pulled over was shoving my hand in a bucket of cash :/) Regardless my £3 pumpkins (paid £7 because I wasn't risking my arm and awkward looks a second time) gave us a very happy hour of carving and since Euna has asked to go outside and see the "scawy bumpkins" around 476,987 times... Not annoying at all... ;)

From us, from me, from Farlie Photography: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Gladiolus & Allison the Ladybird

With much thanks to Julia Donaldson's "Superworm", Euna is more than a little in to mini beasts right now. Ladybirds most of all. So she was thrilled when a Ladybird decided to take up residence in this bunch of gladiolas my sister had bought me! 

We named her Alison (after her key worker at preschool)... ;)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tis The Season... To Be Snotty...

We're full of the joys of snot season here... Lots of stretchy clothes days on the sofa. Death by CBeebies and the Lion King. Amidst the sleepless nights however I am enjoying excuses to wear really thick socks, light the fire, drink tea and lay babies down for naps so deep they tolerate an open blind and the sound of a shutter click...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

East Sussex Autumn Family Shoot

Last weekend I took a day trip down to see my very good friend Charlotte Rawles (of Charlotte Rawles Photography... check her out!) and her clan. As a photographer herself Char's rarely infront of the camera but forever reminding others how important photographs are... So here she is, very admirably, taking her own advice! I really like their wardrobe choices of maroon, navy and camel. Really seasonal, warm and just "matchy" enough. 

(If you want to know more about family sessions go to my Family page of the website.)

Well done Char! Looking just a fabulous this side of the camera! :D 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Baby Ryan

5-6 weeks is fast becoming my most favourite time to photograph a newborn. After about a year of coaxing parents to me before 14 days old, I have had two 5-6 week olds recently that have been so settled and so easy to photograph I'm thinking about changing my line on it!

Look at this gorgeous sleeping beauty baby Ryan! A day or two shy of 6 weeks old and he blissfully snoozed his way through no less than FOUR different sets of photographs... What a pro! Beautiful baby, fabulously thrilled parents and a very lovely morning talking all things baby. 

You can find out more about my newborn and baby shoots here

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Euna and Bow

Odds are if you visit this blog often you're going to see a lot of these guys. If you have a shoot booked with me, they're the reason I'll turn up with toothpaste on my top and I don't mind one bit the ten quietest minutes I've had all week that I'll be lapping up if you're late. These are my chiefs in charge of test modelling. My babies. Euna, 2 years and 7 months (left) and Bow, 11 months (right). Maybe they deserve a full individual intro in a couple of weeks...

These were taken yesterday, well past midday, when we were all still in our pyjamas on account of Bow's most recent bout of teething and the rain (and just general Monday-ness). The middle one is out of focus but that's going to be the point of this blog... Very little, if anything, is going to be perfect on here but much of what I like is often a bit grainy or a bit blurry and so often most of the stuff I love is overexposed. So here's a bit of all 3 of those things, because imperfect is so often much more interesting... 

Also here's a small preview from a shoot I did on Sunday for a good friend of mine... I'll post a full mini album soon but here's just one, just to get you feeling Autumnal! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Diving In With Some Recent Newborns

I keep putting off starting my first post... Want to hit the right tone, pick the right topic, tweak the layout, link up my Facebook page with the right icon... But this is a blog. It's a constant work in progress, so I'll just kick it all off now! And I'll kick it off with a look at my favourite baby shots from the last couple of weeks...

This flurry of fresh in to the world little fellas are all hanging out together in the same NCT circle and each one has been absolute pleasure! Highlights definitely included the blanket this first baby came with, it was a very special handmade and it's got me thinking about get in some cool retro baby fabrics as backdrops... Like some awesome Strawberry Shortcake prints for the next time I get a baby girl in? 

And these eyelashes... Eyelashes being up there in my top 5 parts of babies to photograph (along with stretched fingers, yawns, neck creases, toes and bottoms, obviously) I know about baby eyelashes and these are just about as gorgeous as they get! :D

This little guy just came yesterday... 5 weeks old and such a super star to settle! We managed to get him snoozing on two blankets, in one basket and my new steel bucket! More of this wee man to follow but just for now...

So there we go, blog post numero uno, some recent work faves! Maybe a personal snap or two next time and every Thursday I'm going to do a "Throw Back Thursday" post and copy over an old favourite post from my old blog... Thanks for reading! :D 

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